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Special Programs

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From one of the finest Journalism Departments in the U.S. comes a chance to report from a crossroads of the New Europe. NYU Prague offers a wide range of courses for Journalism students who want international reporting experience while staying on-track toward their degree. Classes meet at the NYU Center in Prague, located in a 15th-century building only steps away from the historic Old Town Square, while creative assignments, internships, and community service opportunities will take you well beyond the classroom walls.

Prague today is an ancient city reborn in a bloodless Revolution that unleashed a social and cultural renaissance in 1989. Among the most spectacular changes are the transformations in journalism, the media and culture. For anyone interested in understanding the postmodern world, Prague is a laboratory and an incomparable opportunity to explore.

At NYU Prague you will be guided in that exploration by a stellar faculty, including some of the architects of the new society—former dissidents and leaders of the anti-communist revolution, current and former leaders of government, the media, and the arts in addition to some of the finest journalists in the Czech Republic today.

Playing the piano

Music - Now available Fall and Spring semesters

The Music department of NYU’s Steinhardt School offers a program every semester which draws on the rich musical heritage of this Eastern European capital city. Specifically designed for music performance and music technology majors, the program offers a unique opportunity to study music history, take individual lessons and join ensembles with the guidance of expert local faculty.

Internships are a very special feature of this program, and music business and music technology students benefit from hands-on experience with symphony groups, production studios, performers, management companies and other areas of the music industry in credit bearing placements arranged by the NYU in Prague staff. Practice rooms, musical instruments and technology equipment are provided at the NYU academic center and in student residences.

NYU Prague Music Program

Prague is a center for symphonic and ensemble music performance, opera, theatre, jazz, composition, film scoring, music business, and music technology. Historically, it has given rise to centuries of great music composition (Mozart wrote Don Giovanni in Prague). Today, Prague is a major training ground for some of the finest jazz and classical performers in Europe and has become a music industry and film music hub. Adding a global perspective to your studies is a key ingredient in your education and preparation for the professional world.


Media in Prague

At NYU Prague, students of media, culture, and communication find a wide array of courses applicable to their major. Taught by leading scholars, writers, editors, and press secretaries, courses explore the culture of media and advertising in contemporary society.

With guest lectures by foreign news correspondents and opportunities for students to investigate and report on local music, visual arts, and literature, the broad range of course offerings expands students’ knowledge and experience in global communication. Learning continues outside of the classroom through internships with newspaper associations, NGOs, and media institutions. A comprehensive journalism program is also a prominent part of the curriculum, and students are encouraged to supplement their major-specific studies with course work that hones their writing and international reporting skills.

The Media program in Prague is part of Media, Culture, & Communication's Global Media Scholars program. Students in this program study Media at multiple NYU campuses while earning a Global Media Scholar certificate along with their diploma. Learn more by visiting the Global Media Scholars Program website.

The Department of Media, Culture, and Communication's new Global Media Scholars Program immerses students in the study of media and globalization through NYU's academic sites abroad. The program features a combination of courses and global experience that allows students to compare and analyze the highly dynamic range of activities associated with the globalization of media and cultural production, distribution, and reception.

Freshmen will be invited to apply to the Global Media Scholars Program each spring. The centerpiece of the program is a two-semester sequence of study abroad starting the spring of participating students' sophomore year at their choice of NYU's campuses in Paris or Prague followed by a second semester abroad in the fall of students' junior year at their choice of NYU's campuses in Buenos Aires or Shanghai. Finally, students will take part in a special Senior Media Seminar capstone course during the January Winter (Intersession) term of their senior year. This capstone experience will by taught by a Media, Culture, and Communication faculty member and will involve travel to a NYU global site.

Upon successful completion of the program students will fulfill the "Global and Transcultural Communication" field of study within the major and will earn a designation of "Global Media Scholar" on their transcript along with a certificate. A small stipend may be available to students to use towards travel expenses incurred during their Senior Media Seminar.

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Prague town square at night

Politics & International Relations

At NYU Prague, students live and learn in one of the most stable and prosperous post-Communist nations of the Schengen Agreement. With the fall of Communism in the Czech Republic, and with Eastern European countries moving toward becoming fully integrated into the EU, now is a particularly relevant time for students to observe the rapid political changes taking place here.

The curriculum at NYU Prague uses the current political climate to explore the role of Central and Eastern European nations in relation to neighboring countries and the rest of the world, while also considering the unique economic and political history of the Czech Republic. Students have access to the NYU-sponsored Prague Institute for Democracy, Economy, and Culture, which regularly hosts conferences, seminars, and guest lectures, often on curriculum-pertinent topics, such as the country’s transition to a free-market economy. In addition to course work, students have opportunities to intern with NGOs and law, media, and human rights organizations.

law and human rights

Sociology & Legal Studies

In 1989, a nonviolent revolution by the Czech people overthrew an oppressive communist regime.  In the years since, the Czech Republic has grappled with fundamental issues of human society - how to build a just, humane political system that protects human rights and cultural identity while fostering economic growth and social development. At NYU in Prague, students study with some of the architects of this new society. In courses taught by leading scholars, politicians, and writers, students explore fundamental social transformations in law and social justice.

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