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If you are interested in a specific area for community service, talk to Jitka Kalasova and she can help you contact the right organization.

In Prague, there is an English-speaking group of Amnesty International, an international organization that campaigns against human rights violations. The English-speaking group is made up primarily of foreigners from a variety of countries who are living in Prague. The group works closely with the national AI office in the country, and organizes various events and fundraising campaigns. The group meets every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at Palackeho 9, between Jungmannova and Vodickova streets near Wenceslas Square. NYU in Prague students are welcome to attend these meetings, where they can get involved in different projects and learn more about human rights issues.

Founded in 1913 the Jedlicka Institute is a specialist in educational establishment for children and young people primarily with a physical disability. Our schools provide elementary and middle-school education, both mainstream and specialist, for children and young people primarily with physical disabilities. We also provide therapeutic rehabilitation (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy, speech therapy, computer assistance, social skills for the workplace, a flat in which to develop independent domestic skills, a transition program and employment support), mobility consultancy services (support to children with physical disabilities in mainstream schools, assistance with the selection of schools, diagnostics, psychological , therapy).

Volunteers at the Jedlicka Institute can either help as teaching assistants or as assistants in the dorms.

Helping high school kids during English class. You may also be helping the students to move from one building to another; or you may be helping teachers with administrative tasks.

Dormitory “Topolka” (kids 12 and up)
Helping with the kids’ afternoon programs, helping the caregivers plan activities, assisting the kids moving between buildings

School Club (kids 7 & up)
Helping kids with homework, playing with them and running activities, possible trips

Dormitory “Tapka” (high school age kids)
An opportunity for more one-to-one work where you help the kids prepare for their exams and spend free time getting to know them.

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