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"A wonderful working environment; a great chance to interact with other college students who I never would have met otherwise!"  

"I learned the most about the Czech Republic and the Czech population through this internship."  

Forum 2000
Londynska Elementary School

NYU Prague's rich array of internships provides students the opportunity to work in the of arts, politics, NGOs, economics, education, media and more.

Internships range from 3 - 20 hours per week.  All are unpaid and credit must be arranged in advance.  Applications and questions should be sent to Jitka Kalasova, Internship Coordinator,

Music Internships are only for music program students and are listed separately.


Hooked on 'Serial'? Glued to NPR? Never without a podcast on your iPhone? Well this is your chance to learn how to produce broadcast-quality audio and create a regular podcast on life in Prague.

Started in fall 2014, The PragueCast gives media-minded students the training to produce a regular podcast from Prague.  

Each month a small team of 6-8 sound enthusiasts will put together a 20-min audio blog on life in the Czech capital as seen through the eyes of NYU students. The PragueCast is looking for wannabe radio presenters, writers, reporters, sound editors, social media gurus and IT support people to produce and promote this new regular sound-rich slice of life. You'll be guided by the BBC's Rob Cameron, a long term resident of Prague with 15 years' radio experience. You'll learn how to script, record, edit, produce and promote a regular podcast.

The podcast is featured on the NYU Prague website, NYU Stories, as well as being promoted on Facebook and Twitter. 

Prague Wandering is a webzine dedicated to showcasing the writing of students attending New York University in Prague. It aims to go beyond the study abroad bubble and share Prague as the students become part of the community in the city. Formerly run under the name The Prague Wanderer, the webzine re-launched as of Spring 2013 with an issue published March 13.

The articles featured on our site were written for one of several journalism classes at NYU in Prague or solicited from the student body by the Prague Wandering Team. We write Team because that is how we work, as a voluntary team of interns and a journalism instructor juggling classes, travel and taking in the
wonders of the Czech capital. The writing in Prague Wandering is meant to reflect the students’ best attempts to chronicle their time abroad and to reflect on aspects of Czech and European life that have peaked their interest. A respect for difference and an understanding that foreign guests have an obligation to challenge their prejudices by seeing the world through the eyes of others is a core criterion when evaluating submissions.

"My study abroad experience would not have been as rich without this.I was writing articles which forced me to stay up to date on current events in the Czech Republic."

The New Presence is a magazine published in English and Czech that focuses on the political, economic, social and cultural issues shaping the region's development.   Interns will get a 'behind the scenes' look at what goes into the production of a magazine, and play an active part in its production.They will write an in-depth investigative article that ideally will be published in the magazine.

"Most positive aspects of the internship were working in such a friendly and relaxed environment, with such nice people, being trusted to be competent at relevant tasks, using language skills to contribute to the organization, the overall aims of Project Syndicate."

"Do it! Great people, great environment. Good for people into journalism, politics, international affairs."

Project Syndicate is a not-for-profit international newspaper association affiliated with the Open Society Institute. With 225 members in 105 countries around the world, Project Syndicate is at the forefront of the changes affecting media around the world. The association provides commentary by statesmen, economists, scientists and academics shaping opinion on international relations, health, science, and development.

Project Syndicate is continuing its efforts to expand around the world and interns will likely be asked to do research into media markets as well as assist with the gathering of publication data. Students interested in international relations, communications, journalism, marketing and other fields are encouraged to apply; language skills a plus.

"This internship is a good entry point into the field of journalism if you haven’t had any experience with it before. It’s a good supplement to communication and media studies coursework here in Prague because it offers an inside look at the issues affecting Central and Eastern Europe."

Transitions Online (TOL) is an internet magazine covering the former Communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe. We are seeking an intern to work with our editorial staff in Prague. The editorial assistant's duties would include the following:

Posting edited articles on the web (training provided);

  • Monitoring our media partners and news agencies for items of interest;
  • General research to enhance TOL's content;
  • Fielding queries from our network of correspondents;
  • Locating photos for use with TOL content.

The Editorial Assistant Intern would work closely with TOL's Managing Editor and the editorial team, gaining valuable experience in an fast-growing multimedia company.

Teaching/ Working with Kids

"If you enjoy working with young children or are an education major, this is the internship for you."

"It allows you to meet and get to know Czech children, as well as to work on a project with them that allows them to be creative and work on their English."

"Getting a view of how Czech schools work was fascinating." 

This public elementary school is well-known in Prague for its progressive educational approaches.  We are running a special English teaching project for first and second graders who are learning English as a second language.  The project incorporates storybooks, games, and songs, emphasizing communication skills and creativity.  

Class Acts is a nonprofit organization offering cultural programs in English for children; the majority of kids in the programs are bilingual (Czech-English). We have a children's theatre group, storytelling, reading clubs, drama class, a drama summer camp, puppet shows, etc.

Apply Now!

Politics & NGOs

"It is wonderful working environment, great chance to interact with other college students from Prague. I worked at the conference, wrote/edited transcripts of the conference and drafted letters for potential sponsors."

"I felt that the work I did was important and relevant, and I learned a lot about developing countries from the research I completed."

The Forum 2000 Foundation was established in 1996 by the Czech President Vaclav Havel, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Ellie Wiesel, and Japanese philanthropist Yohei Sasakawa. Their aim was to gather leading world figures – Nobel laureates, politician who have helped to achieve peaceful resolutions to conflict and wars, leading academics, ecologists, religious leaders, as well as writers and thinkers – to assess and deal with the threats and challenges facing humanity on the threshold of the new millennium.

Since 1997, Forum 200 has organized 9 annual conference, which have attracted a number of prominent leaders including Bill and Hillary Clinton, Francis Fukuyama, Wole Soyinka, Jose Ramos-Horta, Madeleine Albright, His Holiness the Dalai lama , Peter Gabriel, Anthony Giddens, James Woolsey and Henry Kissinger.

Apart from the conference, Forum 2000 has six major programs:

  • Interfaith Dialogue
  • Shared Concern Initiative
  • Students’ Forum 2000
  • Shared Experience Project
  • Water Middle East Project
  • Series of roundtable debates

If you’re interested in international relations, civil society, democracy and globalization, this internship is perfect for you. We’re looking for reliable and initiative people with strong communication skills. Duties may include but will not be limited to: Support of fundraising activities, preparing background materials for Forum 2000’s projects, editing English texts, internet research, assistance in preparing Forum 2000 Conference and other events, working as a hostess during the Forum 2000 Conference.

"I did a lot of research on education in developing countries, child labour, and possible donors. It’s a great internship for someone who has interest in human rights or development issues."

"I got to witness the ins and outs of human rights NGO and got to do some research in a field I was interested in."

"The people there are caring and amazing."

People in Need is a Prague-based Non-Governmental Organization whose mission statement is "to inspire a largeness of spirit in Czech society by helping others in need, and to promote democratic freedoms for all." Since being established in 1992, People in Need has provided more than US$ 30 million in relief, rehabilitation and development assistance to 33 countries and regions. People in Need is also active in advocating for human rights and democratic liberties.

Intern responsibilities: There are a few possibilities for internship at PIN. You can work on Burma Project (PIN frequently organizes visits of Burmese activists and journalists. PIN is a member organization of the Euro-Burma Network, it also cooperates with the Democratic Voice of Burma radio and TV). You can work at their migration section (in September they are starting European project focuses on the topic of migration and media). You will also be able to get involved in activities surrounding the One World International Human Rights Film Festival.

Interns are primarily responsible for English-language communications material. This involves proofreading and editing both documents and our web-site in collaboration with the authors. Depending on the Intern’s interests and experience, further tasks include specific development sector research, monitoring media coverage of development issues, fundraising support, assisting the desk officers for the different countries, etc. There is also a certain amount of general office administration assistance. You will also be able to get involved in activities surrounding the One World International Human Rights Film Festival to be held late February-early March.

An internship with People in Need offers an insight into the workings of a large NGO, and a range of development and human rights issues. It would be suitable for anyone interested in the non-profit sector, international development, human rights, international relations and politics as well as communications. Strong English-language writing skills are essential, as much of the work involves being able to put texts that have been written by non-native speakers into correct and appropriate English.

In our educational projects designed both for experts and the general public, we strive to develop the intercultural competencies of individuals and organizations in the Czech Republic.

We try to work with individuals and institutions so that they help create the right environment for a functioning pluralistic society in the Czech Republic.

We also run the English website on international migration in the Czech Republic and Central and
Eastern Europe (set up in June 2004.) The website (in Czech reports on migration and is the major online source of migration news, analyses, research and legislature related to migrants in the Czech Republic.

CEE Bankwatch Network is an international non-governmental organisation with member organisations currently from 12 countries across central and Eastern Europe and countries of the Former Soviet Union. We monitor the activities of international financial institutions that operate in the region and promote environmentally, socially and economically sustainable alternatives to their policies and projects. Bankwatch was formally set up in 1995 and has become one of the strongest networks of environmental NGOs in central
and eastern Europe.

More information is available on our website: or by following us on Twitter @ceebankwatch

The Synergos Institute is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of sustainable systems changes that impact global poverty. During its 25-year history, Synergos has built and supported networks of change makers and supported innovative global partnerships in more than 30 countries and regions.

Founded in 2001 by Synergos Chair Peggy Dulany and her father, David Rockefeller, the Global Philanthropists Circle is a network of more than 75 families from more than 25 countries who are committed to using their time, influence and resources to address issues of poor and marginalized communities. The Circle provides opportunities for members to advance their own philanthropic projects by drawing on the advice, experience, relationships, and collaboration of other members. Synergos also provides services in strategic planning and other topics to specific members and their families.


"We were able to attend events with many ambassadors, businessmen, and other influential individuals and listen to their ideas."

The Prague Society was established in June 1999 by a diverse group from the Czech Republic, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and New Zealand. The idea for the Society developed as its founders realized that the insights they had gained individually and collectively for nearly a quarter of a century should be extended on a wider scale.

We promote international cooperation in Central Europe. Our aims are:
· to promote a global approach to business, politics and academia;
· to help decision-makers to consider the implications of their actions;
· to develop a new generation of responsible, well-informed leaders and thinkers in Central Europe;
· to publish unique comment from our members and guests.

We create and maintain a network of businessmen, diplomats, politicians and academics, who contribute to important policy issues. Our events provide a unique opportunity for decision-makers to influence and act upon one another's thinking in an atmosphere of trust and informality.


Business & Law

"I was working on analyzing the small business sector, services, available funding and so on. Felt like I was part of the team and actually making the impact."

"It was extremely educational. If finance/economics is your thing, then CEAG is the place."

CEAG is an advisory firm based in Prague that specializes in providing legal and business consulting services to regional and international companies and ventures. Specifically, the principals of Central European Advisory Group are involved in private equity and venture capital investment transactions, joint venture transactions, acquisitions and sales, large technology projects, general counseling, and advising clients in connection with privatization and post-privatization transactions.

The intern would be engaged in research and proofreading of documentation, in English and/or Czech, depending upon language skills.

Business Leaders Forum was set up in 1992 and is supported by leading international and national companies in the Czech Republic. It is part of an international movement for good corporate citizenship, International Business Leaders Forum, led since 1990 by HRH The Prince of Wales and supported by a group of the foremost international business leaders from Europe, America, Asia and Middle East. BLF is also a national member of international organization CSR Europe, a non-profit organization that promotes corporate social responsibility in Europe. The mission of CSR Europe is to help companies achieve profitability, sustainable growth and human progress by placing corporate social responsibility in the mainstream of business practice.

We are looking for initiative and independent people who are willing to contribute to the futuredevelopment of the Czech business sector and BLF organization with their skills and enthusiasm. Duties may include preparing of Strategy papers on corporate social responsibility, following and summarizing of the international documents on CSR, involvement in events management, editing and proofreading of newly launched English section of the web site.

Coming soon


Graebel is a leader in corporate employee relocation services, and our clients include a number of large global companies.  Their Prague Center serves clients relocating to and from Europe, the Middle East and Africa to over 160 countries in the world.  Interns will assist our relocation consultants with various administrative tasks, learning the basics of global employee mobility.  


"I helped organize headshot database, called actors, I also was involved with several casting sessions for various movies to be shot in Prague. Be prepared that sometimes there is a lot of work to do and sometimes it’s slow-but that’s the nature of the casting business."

"I really was able to get an inside look at the casting side of the film industry, which is exactly what I wanted when I applied for the internship."

NANCY BISHOP is an Emmy-nominated casting director based in Prague,  who has cast European actors on over forty film and TV projects. These projects have ranged from blockbusters such as Casino Royale, Roman Polanski’s “Oliver Twist,”  "Hellboy", "Bourne Identity", "Shanghai Nights", and "Blade II", to BBC historical projects since as "Charles II", or "Dr. Zhivago", to American Network projects such as "Dune", "Anne Frank", and "Hitler, the Rise of Evil".  Currently she is casting Narnia II.


Nancy also teaches on-camera acting workshops to actors through-out Europe.


Nancy has had a very positive experience working with NYU interns. In the past, interns have assisted with office administration, and errands, as well as hands on work in the casting studio such as running camera and editing casting tapes.

The casting intern would preferably be someone with some experience in the performing arts, and could be responsible for helping in the office, and helping run castings in the studio. Knowledge of camera equipment and DVD editing would be helpful.

In Prague, there is an English-speaking group of Amnesty International, an international organization that campaigns against human rights violations. The English-speaking group is made up primarily of foreigners from a variety of countries who are living in Prague. The group works closely with the national AI office in the country, and organizes various events and fundraising campaigns. The group meets every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at Palackeho 9, between Jungmannova and Vodickova streets near Wenceslas Square. NYU in Prague students are welcome to attend these meetings, where they can get involved in different projects and learn more about human rights issues.

Founded in 1913 the Jedlicka Institute is a specialist in educational establishment for children and young people primarily with a physical disability. Our schools provide elementary and middle-school education, both mainstream and specialist, for children and young people primarily with physical disabilities. We also provide therapeutic rehabilitation (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy, speech therapy, computer assistance, social skills for the workplace, a flat in which to develop independent domestic skills, a transition program and employment support), mobility consultancy services (support to children with physical disabilities in mainstream schools, assistance with the selection of schools, diagnostics, psychological , therapy).

Volunteers at the Jedlicka Institute can either help as teaching assistants or as assistants in the dorms.

Helping high school kids during English class. You may also be helping the students to move from one building to another; or you may be helping teachers with administrative tasks.

Dormitory “Topolka” (kids 12 and up)
Helping with the kids’ afternoon programs, helping the caregivers plan activities, assisting the kids moving between buildings

School Club (kids 7 & up)
Helping kids with homework, playing with them and running activities, possible trips

Dormitory “Tapka” (high school age kids)
An opportunity for more one-to-one work where you help the kids prepare for their exams and spend free time getting to know them.

For qualified volunteers!

Weekend Volunteering Excursion

Tandem is a local NGO that takes NYU and other local students on volunteer brigades to help out where help is needed.  This is part of our NYU Prague Trips and students sign up during orientation.

This past semester, students went to a community house nestled in a small village by the riverbank in Central Bohemia where clients with mental disabilities live. Students did construction work in an building that will serve as living quarters for volunteers and pruned and planted trees.  Students discovered the spirit behind the revival of civil society in the Czech Republic and found out what’s unique about minds that tick to a different beat.  They met the staff of the center and of the NGO that organizes the program, as well as explore the organic farm and craft workshops run by the clients. For more information about this program, write to  

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