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You can choose to live in a studio apartment by yourself or you could choose to live in an apartment (flat) with one or several other students from the NYU Paris program. All apartments are furnished and include kitchen utensils and bedding. Apartment are located throughout all of the neighborhoods of Paris.

Important - With the exception of the République Student Residence, students must pay a security deposit and monthly rent directly to landlord in Euros. Housing charges do not appear on e-bill.

Studio Apartment

A studio is a small apartment for one person. Like everything in Paris, studio apartments tend to be considerably smaller than those in the US: size varies from roughly 150 to 350 square feet.

Studios are furnished with a bed and desk. Bedding and towels are usually included. If not, these items can be purchased in Paris at reasonable prices. Kitchens are usually equipped with a small fridge, hotplate, and cooking and eating utensils. Amenities such as dishwashers and laundry machines are rare.

Shared Apartment

A shared apartment is an apartment that houses multiple students from the NYU Paris program. In most cases, this housing option is a two room apartment where two students live and can decide if they would like to use the rooms as two separate bedrooms or share one room and use the other as a common room.

All apartments are fully furnished and include bedding. Towels are usually not included.

You may request a particular roommate (if you know another student participating in the program). Otherwise, your roommate will be assigned based on your housing questionnaire information.

NYU cannot house students who are not part of the NYU Paris program. For this reason, if you plan to live with someone who is not part of the NYU Paris program you are encouraged to select Option 2, in which you work with a broker to find housing in Paris on your own terms.

Paris Apartment


  • Internet access not guaranteed. Students have the option to install at their own expense
  • Laundry machines are usually not included. Laundromats are available
  • Usually features a shared kitchen, bathroom, and living room

Things to Know

  • You can request to live with a specific roommate
  • Buildings in Paris tend to be old; things like elevators, air conditioning, and dish washing machines are uncommon
  • You will find out your apartment details when you get to Paris
  • Security deposit and monthly rent paid directly to landlord


Studio Apartment: The rent ranges from €600 to €1,200 per month. Utility fees are usually not included in the rent. Monthly rent is paid directly to the landlord.

Shared Apartment: Rent ranges from 550€ to 1,050€ per month per student. Utilities are not included. Monthly rent is paid directly to the landlord.

Chambre de Bonne: Rent ranges from 450€ to 600€ per month. Utilities are not included. Monthly rent is paid directly to the landlord.

République Student Residence: Students billed USD $8,547 to NYU Bursar account.

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République Student Residence

Students live in single-studio apartments in République. Commutable by metro to the NYU Academic Center. The studios include kitchenettes and private bathrooms. Resident advisors, graduate students enrolled in courses at NYU Paris, live in the residence to assist first year students in acclimating to college life, dealing with practical matters in the residence, and adjusting to their new home in Paris.


  • Kitchenette includes sink, hotplate, refrigerator, and microwave
  • Rooms are fully furnished with desk, chairs, table, and lamp
  • Closet and storage units
  • En-suite bathroom

Things to Know

  • Students billed directly to NYU Bursar account
  • Students check-in on arrival day, no temporary housing

Chambre de Bonne

These are very small "studettes" located on the higher floors of bourgeois buildings. The name originates from the colloquial term used for a maid - "bonne à tout faire." Once quarters where maids lived, today they are frequently inhabited by students. They are usually walk-ups with shared bathrooms. The advantage of a chambre de bonne is a significantly lower rent.


  • Shared bathroom
  • Usually includes a small refrigerator, microwave, and sink

Things to Know

  • Ideal for students who want to live alone and don't mind a small space
  • Most affordable housing option
  • Toilets are usually shared with other tenants, but showers are usually ensuite
  • Security deposit and rent must be paid to landlord in Euros
  • Chambre de bonne details given upon arrival in Paris
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