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Homestays: Guaranteed and Recommended Housing

NYU Madrid guarantees housing in a homestay, an NYU-approved private Spanish home. This will help you improve your Spanish language skills while being immersed in the rhythms of Madrileño life.

Locations of homestays are scattered throughout the city which also helps you to get acquainted with the many neighborhoods (barrios) of Madrid as you navigate the excellent public transportation systems. Homestays are generally located in older buildings, not modern high-rises.

NYU in Madrid Apartment Housing

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Homestay providers are usually host mothers (señoras) with comfortable accommodations whose children have moved away. We also have some nuclear families with children. In most cases the señoras have hosted NYU students for many, many years.


There are two homestay options: a) includes “continental” breakfast and one hot meal (usually dinner) and b) access to the kitchen (buy your own food, cook your own meals and clean up afterwards). There are homestays that accept students with special dietary requirements and food allergies.

There is no kitchen access if you have a meal plan. If you choose to have kitchen rights over a meal plan, expect less interaction with your host family.

Requesting Roommates

All students who want to live with each other must specify this on the housing application, which will be made available to admitted students by the New York-based NYU Madrid site representative. If there are no doubles available students will be "upgraded" to a single. Keep in mind that few señoras house two students in separate rooms.

Things to Know

  • Rooms are single or double occupancy with internet access
  • Shared bathrooms
  • You are encouraged to practice Spanish all the time, thus improving your language skills as well as immersing in the Spanish culture
  • If you choose to let your homestay provider cook for you, you get authentic Spanish homemade meals everyday 
  • Included each week: two loads of wash; cleaning of your room; change of sheets/towel
  • Be respectful at all times as you are living in someone else's home
  • NYU Madrid will try to match you up as best as possible with your requested needs
  • Electricity and water are expensive in Spain. Students are encouraged to conserve energy by switching off lights when not using them and closing window blinds on hot days.


Apartments are not owned by NYU. They have been rented out by former students who have recommended them.

They are scattered throughout the city which also helps you get acquainted with the many neighborhoods of Madrid, which has an excellent public transportation system. Apartments are generally located in older buildings, not modern high-rises.

Please be aware that you are entering into a legal contract (duration of the full semester) when you sign the lease with the landlord. NYU is not involved in this agreement and is not able to break the lease on your behalf. Please be sure to read the Leases and Payments page. If you choose this option, please share this information with your parents.

Madrid Buildings

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The rental market for apartments is extremely tight. Please keep in mind that furnished apartments in Madrid for short-term rentals are usually adequate and comfortable; they are not luxury apartments. Apartments are reserved based on availability and the landlord's discretion.


Students in apartments will have access to a kitchen. Students are responsible for their own meals and will either cook or eat out.

Requesting an Apartment

Students interested in living in an apartment may submit this choice when they complete the online housing preference system. Requesting an apartment used by a past student is not a guarantee for assignment. The NYU Madrid housing coordinator will match students to apartments that have been recommended but we cannot guarantee given the limited availability. However, some students will be assigned to a homestay.

Things to Know

  • Apartments can accommodate one, two, three and four people per unit
  • The vast majority of bedrooms are single rooms
  • Permission from the landlord is required for overnight guests
  • No parties allowed
  • The NYU Madrid housing coordinator serves as an intermediary between landlord and student

General Room Details

Please be prepared for differences - remember you are not in the United States - so services and amenities you take for granted may not be available.

  • Bedrooms are considerably smaller than in the US
  • All accommodations include bed, desk, chair, and a closet in the bedroom as well as internet access
  • Bed sheets, pillows, towels, blankets, as well as dishes, kitchen utensils, pots and pans are provided
  • Washing machines, televisions, refrigerators, and microwaves are standard features
  • Air-conditioning is extremely rare


NYU Global Housing License

Your signature on the student housing application, completion of the electronic application, or your acceptance of an assigned space or a room key, signifies your agreement to and acceptance of all of the terms of the NYU Global Housing License, including without limitation any provisions relating to meal plans, if applicable.

You are responsible of reading the contents of the NYU Global Housing License

Homestay Costs - 2015

Rooms with Laundry and Kitchen Privileges ONLY
Single Room
21€ $26.90 2,317€
Double Room 18€ $23.05 2,052€ $2,628
Room with Laundry, Continental Breakfast and One Hot Meal        
Single Room 31.50€ $40.32 3,591€ $4,596
Double Room 28.50€ $36.50 3,250€ $4,160

Apartment Costs

Rental prices vary depending on the size and location. Daily rent ranges from $37.00 - $42.00 (one bedroom apartment) to $29.00 - $34.00 (up to four bedroom apartment). Some landlord will also charge $200 as a cleaning fee upon move out.

Leases and Payment

Leases and Payment

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Apply Now!

Upcoming Application Deadlines

Spring Semester

Priority: September 15

Regular: October 15

Applications received after October 15 will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Admission will be granted only when space is available and time allows for required travel documents to be attained.   

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