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Community Service

NYU London students will find a full programme of community service opportunities organized by the Student Life department. Students can choose to get involved with a variety of service programmes ranging from on-going projects to one-off events. Community service offers a unique perspective on life in London, affording NYUL students the chance to meet people they would never otherwise get the opportunity to meet. The programmes also offer students an insight into areas of London and the UK that would often be inaccessible, and a different outlook on British culture.

Each semester NYU London organises a series of soup kitchen shifts for students to participate in on a one-off basis, alongside impromptu events with organisations such as the Monsoon Trust and Thames 21. Recently Student Life staff have developed the Volunteer Away programme – this affords a group of keen students the chance to spend a weekend away from London experiencing life outside of the City and contributing to local projects. Past weekends have been to National Parks across the UK and staff are looking forward to leading further excursions in the coming academic year. We have established relationships with several organisations that allow our students to contribute to long-term projects; from volunteering in schools with Shine and Action Tutoring to assisting KIT as they seek to improve care homes for the elderly.

If NYU London students are particularly passionate about fundraising there is the option to join our Community Service Committee (CSC). With a variety of roles to appeal to different interests, from promotions to events organisation, the CSC is a rewarding opportunity to raise money for charity and become more involved in our service programme.


Spotlight Events

NYU London is a longstanding supporter of London Culture Crawl, organised by Maggie’s Cancer Care Centres to raise funds and awareness. Our first volunteering event of the Fall semester, this is also our biggest of the entire Academic Year, London Culture Crawl is an exciting and rewarding way to see the city from a novel perspective. During the Spring semester we take our students to the seaside to volunteer as the best cheer squad for Cancer Research UK at Brighton Marathon!



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