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UCLU and Student Central

You may have heard the words Students' Union mentioned as a way to meet British students and get involved in activities and sports. NYU London provides associate membership at some local organistaions, which you can read about below.

What is a Students' Union?

A students' union is an organisation consisting of and run by students to provide services and a voice within the running of the university. They are the epicentre of Student Life in British University campuses, acting as thel hub of sport, music, service, nightlife for students, as well as operating physical buildings where students can relax in between classes (or afterwards, in one of the many cafés and bars). On top of this, they're political institutions as well. Student government is conducted through Students' Unions, and they often run campaigns - current campaigns at UCLU include 'Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harrassment', 'Fossil Free UCL'.

A huge range of activity goes on in Students' Unions, but the main attraction for NYU students will be the clubs and societies, offering a unique chance to meet local students and get involved in hobbies. There's two great ways to do it at NYU London - University College London Union (UCLU) and Student Central.

NYU and UoL students fencing together

Pictured: NYU and London students fencing in a Student Central class

  • University College London Union (UCLU)

NYU London have the option of joining UCLU for free. This is a great way to meet local students and get involved with over 250 clubs and societies. There's a whole range of sports from Aikido to Zumba, academic societies that organise events around your subject, as well as social clubs. UCLU has an active LGBT* society, a range of faith groups, a BME society and a group for many different nationalities, reflecting UCL's diverse and international student population.

You can join at the student hub; see the full list at

  • Student Central

NYU London students automatically become members of Student Central, a nonpolitical organisation which provides services such as shops, bars, cafés, clubs, and other facilities to all students affiliated with the University of London. Fall students are invited to attend the October 'Fresher's Fair', at which many clubs affiliated to the union, as well as local businesses, are represented.  

Student Central houses an Olympic size swimming pool and extensive gym facilities, including a full range of gym and exercise classes, which are available to NYU London students at a competitive cost.

Most nights at Student Central provide a great way to socialise with other students: live bands, club nights, charity gigs, and comedy evenings. Information on socialising at Student Central is available at

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