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NYU offers an orientation at the Washington Square campus prior to departure. Students attend information sessions and discuss their plans with faculty, staff, and other students. Students unable to attend receive their predeparture orientation packets by mail and can contact the Office of Global Programs in New York or the Office of Student Life in London with questions.

Upon acceptance into the NYU Study Away Program, you will receive a number of mailings from the Office of Global Programs in New York. These mailings include information about insurance, passports, visas and more. The mailings also include a Housing Form, a Foreign Travel Release Form, a Medical History and Release Form , a Health and Accident Insurance Coverage Form and an Arrival Form. All forms must be completed and returned to the Office of Global Programs in New York by the dates posted in the individual mailings.

Orientation in London

During your first few days, you'll attend a student orientation to help you get a sense of your new lifestyle. Student Life staff provide you with an introduction to the neighborhood and organize outings to city sights such as Camden and Soho and a boat trip along the Thames to Greenwich. At orientation, you'll find out about community service, transportation, and leisure activities and meet faculty and staff. In addition, Blackwell's Bookshop provides a textbook stall at the NYU Center, where you can buy your books for the upcoming semester. Living in another country is a transforming experience that is often more meaningful when shared. These orientation events will help you meet other new students and hopefully create friendships that last a lifetime. Since you'll have already registered for courses before arriving in London, you'll have more time to focus on becoming a true Londoner, which might take a few minor adjustments. You'll be trying new foods, shopping at unfamiliar stores, and learning how to navigate the London Underground. You might think there's no language barrier, but differences in British and American English are quite profound. Ninety percent of our words are shared, but accents, patterns, and speeds of speech vary throughout the city, so inevitably you'll spend a lot of time trying to decipher what the British are saying. The NYU program helps you with your transition to the London lifestyle; within a few weeks, you'll naturally fall into pace with the city.

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