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Maths and Numeracy Tutor

Dr David Solomon is the Maths and Numeracy tutor at NYU London. David provides one-to-one and occasional small group maths-related assistance, open to all students. His support covers a variety of topics on the mathematical and statistical methods used in Economics, Finance, Psychology and physics, including:

  • Algebra
  • Calculus (including partial differentiation)
  • Summary statistics and probabilities
  • Optimisation techniques
  • Basic numeracy and data visualisation
  • Support in statistical software - Excel and Open Office

Individual appointments

  • Mondays from 11.30pm - 2.30pm
  • Room G01 in the NYUL Academic Centre
  • To schedule an individual appointment, please book online at  You will need to register on your first visit.  
  • Please make sure you select "Maths and Numeracy Tutor." You can book a tutorial up to two weeks in advance.
  • If there isn't an available convenient appointment, please use the online booking system's waiting list. The system will automatically send you an email when an appointment becomes available. 
  • If you would like to schedule a group appointment with a friend, please email David Solomon directly at

Attendance and Cancellation Policies

If you miss more than one scheduled appointment but forget to cancel it, you will not be allowed to visit the Maths and Numeracy Tutor again during the semester.
If you are more than ten minutes late for your appointment, you may lose your session to a student on the waiting list.

David R. Solomon - Biography

 David Solomon studied Mathematics at Trinity College Cambridge (BA Hons. 1982, MSc 1983) and Brown University, USA (PhD 1988). Since then he has taught and researched Mathematics at major universities in France, UK and the US, most recently at King's College London as a Lecturer and Reader, at UCSD (Visiting Scholar, 2006/7) and the Open University (Associate Lecturer, current).

 As a researcher, David specialises in Algebraic Number Theory, an area of pure mathematics particularly concerned with properties of whole numbers: primes, questions about Diophantine equations (e.g. Fermat's Last Theorem) number fields and “p-adic” numbers. He has held Posdoctoral and Advanced Fellowships from EPSRC, published many research papers - particularly on the Stark Conjectures - and supervised 4 PhD students.

David has a wide experience of teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate students through lectures, tutorials, projects and problem sessions. He has a keen appreciation of the difficulties they face at the school-university transition and later on.


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Upcoming Application Deadlines

Spring Semester

Priority: September 15

Regular: October 15

Applications received after October 15 will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Admission will be granted only when space is available and time allows for required travel documents to be attained.

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