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Director's Statement

London is a city with a 2,000-year history of influencing humanity.

Parliament and the English jury system have been replicated all over the world. The English form of law affects 53 countries across the commonwealth. The English language has been adopted by science, medicine and busines. London’s fine art, architecture, theatre, literature, music, and media are renowned across the globe. London’s corporate and business models have been the basis for commerce and industry that changed the way the world works. British sports have become worldwide phenomena, and Britain’s science and technology have been spectacularly innovative over many centuries.

London is a marvellous place to come to study both within the scholarly atmosphere of New York University in London, and through the vivid metropolitan experiences of its coruscating culture.

It is highly desirable for citizens of the 21st century to be familiar with cultures beyond the one in which they were raised. If you know only one culture, your appreciation of others will be limited. As the English writer Rudyard Kipling wrote in 1889 “What should they know of England, who only England know?”. The same is true of people, wherever they are from.

Today the controversial credo of Thomas Paine, articulated in The Rights of Man in 1791, has become very pertinent: “My country is the world”.

In London we have an exceptionally dedicated professional staff for your care, comfort and support. We also have over 70 highly distinguished faculty, with eminent academic records, who deliver a range of acclaimed courses.

If you study at NYU in London, it will be an educative and social experience that will change your life by absorbing what London has learnt during the last two millennia.

Professor Gary Slapper, LL.B (UCL), LL.M (UCL), Ph.D (LSE), PgCE Law (Manc)
Global Professor, New York University
Director of New York University, London


NYUL Director Gary Slapper

NYUL Director Gary Slapper

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