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Director's Statement

My colleagues and I are delighted to welcome you to NYU London.

London is a city with a 2,000-year history of influencing humanity. The English language has been adopted by science, medicine and business. London’s fine art, architecture, theatre, literature, music, and media are renowned across the globe. London’s corporate and business models have been the basis for commerce and industry that changed the way the world works. In 2014, Forbes rated London the most influential city in the world.

Parliament and the English jury system have been replicated all over the world. The English form of law affects 53 countries across the commonwealth. British sports have become worldwide phenomena, and Britain’s science and technology have been spectacularly innovative over many centuries. The momentous reputation of our inspiring literature, drama, poetry, architecture, fine art, and music is a matter of record.

London is a marvellous place to come to study, both within the scholarly atmosphere of New York University in London, and through the vivid metropolitan experiences of its coruscating culture.

In London we have a dedicated professional staff for your care and support. We also have over 100 highly-distinguished faculty with eminent academic records who deliver a range of acclaimed courses.

The curriculum at NYU London capitalises upon both the core academic strengths of NYU New York and upon the unique contributions of its UK faculty, with an additional emphasis on student immersion in British life and society. Many of our courses have co-curricular activities, both within and outside London, including such things as theatre visits and trips to galleries or sites of architectural interest.

We also offer many unusual activities each year: business students may visit a local brewery; the biology class might visit an important ecological project in south-west England. Our recent trips have included visits to the English National Opera, Parliament, the London Philharmonic Orchestra, and Stonehenge. Our underlying philosophy is to take our students on trips that are chosen primarily for their educational merit. All trips are arranged to enhance the academic work of a course. In that sense, London and all of the UK becomes an extension of the classroom.

You can become a member of the student union of the world-leading University College London, and the University of London Library (which maintains a course collection specifically for NYUL student use). As a member of the student union, you have access to a wide array of clubs and associations in which you can participate.

In addition, NYU London’s Student Life team offers a comprehensive programme of activities and excursions which provide you with opportunities to visit some of London and the nation’s most iconic sites as well as engaging in events popular with Londoners such as football matches, musicals, comedy nights, and art exhibitions.

We also encourage you to become involved in London life outside of the NYU through opportunities such as volunteering projects in and around the city.

The education you enjoy here will be a life-changing experience. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me or any of my colleagues.


All best wishes,

Professor Gary Slapper, LL.B (UCL), LL.M (UCL), Ph.D (LSE), PgCE Law (Manc)

Global Professor, New York University

Director of NYU London

Gary Slapper

Gary Slapper - NYU London Director

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