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Living in London

Diverse Culture

London is one of the most diverse and culturally mixed cities in the world. The heart of the former British Empire, it is also an extremely modern city and a creative hotbed for innovation, intellectual, and artistic life. 

More Culture & Customs

An Historic City

London is filled with a rich, medieval history, an extensive literary and theatrical culture, and – of course – many, many pubs.

More About London

London street signs

People of London

Most of what we know about the Brits comes from movies, television shows, and the tabloids. You will find that some of these stereotypes will hold true and some are surprisingly false. Yes, the British tend to be polite. They like Americans and are generally approachable and helpful with directions or recommendations. They are respectful and would never "skip a queue" (skip to the front of the line). However, they are not as conservative as we think they are. Although the Brits tend to never really spill their emotional guts and say completely and honestly what is on their mind, the reserved nature ends there. Everyone is open to different cultures, especially East Asian and Indian, largely due to the large number of immigrants settling there.

European Destinations

  • Paris, France
  • Rome, Italy
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Madrid, Spain

Exchange Rate

as of June 2015

$1.00 = 0.63 Pound (£)

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