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Admitted Students

Welcome to NYU London! We'€™re delighted that you'€™ll be spending your first year with us and can'€™t wait to greet you in London. In the meantime, this page will guide you through everything you need to get ready for your term abroad.


Please note that the British government requires that your passport be valid for at least 6 months beyond your planned return from study abroad. The government retains the right to deny you entry into the UK if your passport is not valid for at least 6 months beyond your planned return (December 2017), so make sure to renew it now.

US Students who need to renew or get a new passport should have it expedited. To review procedures for having a passport expedited, they should refer to this government website. They fall under the category of needing a passport for a foreign visa within 4 weeks. If necessary, Liberal Studies can produce a letter to assist in expediting the visa. To secure the letter, email

Students who have already submitted their passport--without having already asked for it to be expedited--can still request expedited processing by contacting a customer service center

Below you'll find instructions for getting your visa, along with sample visa applications and supporting materials. Information is tailored for US students, and incoming students who are not US citizens are best served by getting information from their local consulate.

Please note: students cannot begin the UK visa application process sooner than 90 days prior to the beginning of their academic program. For Fall 2017freshmen, the EARLIEST you can begin your visa application is May 30, 2017.

Bear in mind that NYU does not have the ability to change visa requirements, nor does it help if we call consulates or embassies on your behalf. Though we're happy to help you in whatever way we can, the decision to issue you a visa rests solely with the consulate or embassy.

NOTE: The Tier-4 Visa is required for all students spending a full year in London. Obtaining a Tier-4 Visa requires a Confirmation of Acceptance for Study (or "CAS") Number. In order to obtain a CAS Number, you must complete your Visa Survey (available May 1st) by the deadline (May 8th). Failure to meet this deadline might result in your inability to obtain a Tier-4 visa.

We absolutely cannot, by law, under any circumstances, obtain a CAS Number less than 6 weeks prior to your arrival in the UK. This means, if you haven't completed your Visa Survey, selected the Tier-4 visa, and been assigned a CAS number before July 15th, 2017, you will not be able to obtain a Tier 4 visa for your freshman year at NYU London and may need to defer your admission to NYU a full academic year.

Please be sure to click on the link below and submit your visa and summer address information through the Liberal Studies Visa and Summer Address Form by May 8th. Keep in mind that the information included on this form is very important so the sooner you return it to our office, the better.

To access the form, students will need to log in through NYUHome using their netid and password. Some students may also need to download the VPN client and Webproxy offered through NYU.


Please update your contact information through NYUHome to ensure that all materials get to you promptly.

In addition to the online forms, we also require two paper forms. These are simple to complete, but will require your time and may require a visit to your physician, so please plan ahead.

  • Medical History (paper form - €”you will receive this in your acceptance packet) Please plan to schedule an appointment with your physician to ensure that you are prepared to return the form to the Health Center by the August 1st deadline.



New York State law and/or New York University requires that all newly admitted students (graduate, undergraduate and transfers) complete several health related requirements before August 1, 2017.  Please visit the Student Health Center's website for more information about the full set of requirements.

A Note about Immunizations: It is critical that students, especially those outside of the United States (where many of these immunizations are already required) make appointments with their doctors now to be immunized for MMR or Meningitis, as per University guidelines. Though the Student Immunization History Form will be mailed to you in your Summer Acceptance packet, these vaccinations may need to be given over the span of several weeks and should be started at the earliest possible date. Questions about whether prior or current vaccinations will bring you into compliance--or any other questions about immunization or other health requirements--may be directed to


Two-year Core Program students should submit the Academic Profile Questionnaire for the Core Program through a secure online form. GLS students should submit the Academic Profile Questionnaire for GLS through a secure online form.

This information will assist Liberal Studies in registering you for your courses in the fall semester. Any additional questions about submitting either Academic Profile Form may be directed to Beth Haymaker, Director of Global Programs at

To access the form, students will need to log in through NYUHome using their netid and password. Some students may also need to download the VPN client and Webproxy offered through NYU.

All students are required to submit a combination of paper and online forms. These forms are used to collect needed information for your upcoming year like housing preferences, immigration preparation, and arrival itinerary.

For more information about required forms and relevant links please see the Freshmen in London blog.

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