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Beyond The Classroom

NYU London students will find a commitment to community service through volunteer activities organized by the student life staff. Some opportunities require a semester-long commitment while others offer the possibility to commit to a short term project for a day or weekend. Volunteering is an excellent way to branch out and come in to contact with different facets of the London community that students might not normally be introduced to. Students have remarked that their understanding of British culture and society has been deepened through community service and has also had an impact on their own personal views.

Volunteering and Community Service

Recently, students studying at NYU London have worked with  the homeless, both volunteering at a soup kitchen and working in the office of a charity that provides assistance to the homeless in London. Others have made a difference in the local landscape and explored their interest to natural conservation through environmental service projects completed in conjunction with local schools. Others have established relationships with locals through a program to befriend elderly citizens and working with patients in nearby hospitals.

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