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Students Professor Uffizi gallery

Museums and Historical Churches


The amazing art in Florence is easy to appreciate whether or not you have any knowledge of art history, but it is well worth taking a class while you are there.

  • Open Mon-Fri 8:30am to 7pm, and the 1st Saturday from 8:30am to 4pm.
  • Must-See: Florence from the top of the dome.

  • Countless famous works by Italian and international artists. Open Tuesday through Sunday 8:15am to 7pm.
  • Must-See: Botticelli's Birth of Venus.

The Boboli Gardens are traditional gardens, open daily from 8:15am to 4:30pm, or later (depending on time of year). The Galleria Palatina features many works by Raphael and others, open Tuesday through Sunday from 8:15am to 6:50pm. The Boboli gardens close in late November so make sure to go early.

Great collection of sculptures. Open Monday to Sunday, 8:15am to 6pm.

  • Via Ghibellina
  • Where Michelangelo lived, now houses many of his original sketches and other works inspired by him. Open from 9:30am to 2pm, except Tuesdays.

  • Via Ricasoli
  • Open Tuesday through Sunday 8:15 to 6:50pm (tip: line is shorter towards the end of the day).
  • Must-See: Michelangelo's original David.

Churches and Synagogues

Churches in Florence are definitely not exclusively for the religious, they are full of art, and as long as you do not interrupt a Mass you'll be welcome to look around.

  • On Via Farini
  • Beautiful architecture and worth a tour.

One major work here is Fra' Filippo Lipi's Annunciation. Open Monday through Friday, 8:15am to 1:50pm, and on weekends from 8:15am to 7pm.

Must-See: Michelangelo's funerary monuments for the Medici family.

  • Piazza SS. Annunziata
  • Must-See: Rosso Fiorentina's Assumption.

  • Piazza dell'Unita Italiana Melarancio
  • Must-See: Masaccio's Trinity.

  • Piazza Santa Croce
  • Must-See: Michelangelo's tomb.

  • Via Dante Alighieri
  • Beautiful sculpture on the exterior of the Church.

  • Piazza Santa Felicità
  • Across the Ponte Vecchio, a nice change from the city center.

  • Oltrarno
  • Must-See: Michelangelo's Crucifix.

 Student recommendations from Fall 2009. Let us know if this list should change!



Soccer is the sport of Italy and Italians take their soccer incredibly seriously and are deeply passionate about their teams.

The six most popular teams and their nicknames according to their team colors are: Napoli (Gli Azzurri), Roma (I Giallorossi), Juventus (I Bianconeri), Internazionale Milano (I Nerazzurri), Milan (I Rossoneri), and Fiorentina (i Viola). These are the top teams that are almost always in Serie A. At the end of each season, the three teams with the lowest number of points are relegated to Serie B, while their positions are then replaced by the the top three Serie B teams.



Big performers from the U.S. have concerts in Milan, Bologna, Rome.

Sintetika - A great club that hosts lots of indie, American bands like Deerhoof.

Teatro Saschall - Hosts some really awesome acts.

For insider information about what’s happening in Florence, check out the following:

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