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Off-Campus Residences

Off-Campus Residences may be described as dormitory-style facilities located in the center of Florence. Residences are high-occupancy living arrangements (meaning a large residence, an entire floor, or an entire building houses NYU Florence students in apartment-style suites with several bedrooms, shared common areas, and bathrooms) and offer specific amenities, including Internet and cleaning/linens service. Bedrooms consist of singles (limited availability), doubles, triples, and quads. 

  • Students living off campus cannot enroll in the on-campus meal plan but can purchase individual meals on campus.
  • Off-campus housing is located throughout various urban and residential neighborhoods around the city of Florence, mostly within the historic city walls.
  • Students must use public transportation (one or more buses) to travel between the NYU Florence campus and their living situations. Taxis are expensive but are the safest way to travel at night. Students should budget for these expenses and leave plenty of time for the commute.
  • The Residences and Homestays are generally in older buildings, ranging from the 13th to 19th centuries, not modern high-rises.
  • Facilities vary greatly since few buildings were originally constructed as student accommodations, as now utilized. Location, dècor, furnishings, appliances, and floor layouts vary significantly from living situation to living situation. Toasters, microwaves, air-conditioning units, dishwashers and DVD players are NOT considered standard amenities in off-campus housing.
  • All Off-Campus Residences have laundry facilities, although some may not have dryers. In most cases the machines are coin operated, and fees may vary from one living situation to another. 
  • Sheets, blankets, pillows, towels, and basic kitchen utensils are supplied. Students should bring or purchase an extra towel for travel and wash cloths, if desired. Those who choose to bring their own sheets should avoid bringing plain white sheets, as these may easily be confused with those provided by the cleaning company.
  • Students are supported via Peer Advisors and Residence Hall Managers who provide programming, assistance, emergency support, etc.; however, these individuals may not live in every housing location.
  • For phone service, one cellular telephone is issued to each Residence and Homestay by the Facilities Office. Students are responsible for the care and return of these cell phones, and the phones must stay in the living situation in a space where all students have access. For personal use, most students purchase their own cellular phone upon arrival. To make long-distance calls, many students use a VoIP service, like Skype, or locally purchased international calling cards.
  • A suite may house from 4-15 students, and an entire Off-Campus Residence may host from 4 to 45 students. NYU Florence will only accept roommate requests based upon bedroom type, not larger groupings.


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Costs (per person) Fall16/Spring17:

Single Bedroom  1 person to 1 bedroom  $9,903
Double Bedroom 2 persons to 1 bedroom   $6,707
Triple Bedroom 3 persons to 1 bedroom   $6,269
Multi-person Bedroom  4 persons to 1 bedroom  $5,515
Florence Off-campus housing

Living in Italy

A note about Internet in Off-Campus Residences: In Italy, Internet service may not be as efficient or consistent as that to which students are accustomed. Students should expect that at times, Internet service may be sporadic. NYU Florence, the landlords, and the telephone company work to reinstate service when connections fail, but issues are not always quickly or easily resolved. Students can help with the process by maintaining communication with the Facilities Office in Florence. Sometimes repairs require time and therefore patience on the part of the residents affected.

According to Italian National Anti-Terrorism laws, only those persons registered to live in a particular living situation may spend the night there.

NYU Florence can only register students enrolled in the program as living in its housing, and housing assignments are specific and registered in advance, so overnight guests are not permitted under any circumstances.

Guests must stay in hotels or find other accommodations. Daytime guests are permitted between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. All students and guests must follow visitation rules.

In wintertime, students should be prepared for rooms to be kept at lower temperatures than is customary in the U.S. Local law permits a maximum temperature of 20°C (68°F), with a tolerance of 2 extra degrees only, and heat may only be on for a total of twelve hours each day per the law. Furthermore, there are laws that specify when in the year heating systems may be activated and must be deactivated (usually November 1st and April 15th respectively). While air conditioning is available on campus, this is a rare commodity off-campus and varies in effectiveness. Students who need air conditioning for health reasons should request to live on campus. 

In some living situations, hot water heaters may be limited in capacity, causing hot water to run out quickly. Students may need to be careful about usage. 

Housing Process and Availability

NYU Florence staff will try to accommodate student preferences; however, due to space limitations, students may be placed in any of the housing possibilities. Upper-class students should be aware that on-campus options may be limited, and priority is given to students who have a documented need to live on campus. NYU Florence will only consider roommate requests for the same bedroom (i.e. double, triple), not based upon a larger groupings (i.e. a suite, an entire floor or residence, residences located in the same vicinity, etc.). NYU cannot release roommate information prior to arrival due to privacy laws. While students may request a living situation offered in a prior term, be aware that the off-campus properties sometimes change from term to term. 

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