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NYU Florence homestay entry way

For students seeking to truly immerse themselves in Italian culture, a Homestay is the only way to go. Students who choose this housing option live with an Italian family. Homestay residents are invited to participate in cultural engagement activities.

There is no “typical” kind of Homestay. Many Homestay hosts are traditional families with children while others are single individuals or couples. Some families have pets. Most families host more than one student, but a few host just one student at a time. The amount of contact between the family and the student varies from one situation to another. Students in both Homestays with Meals and Homestays without Meals report that most contact takes place at meal times.

Homestays are the best way to learn Italian and live the local lifestyle. Some Italian families speak English but those that don't make an effort to understand and be understood. Students who live in Homestays tend to learn Italian very quickly and experience Florentine life in meaningful ways. NYU’s host families are accustomed to hosting students, so they are tolerant and receptive to cultural differences. There are no curfews or difficult-to-follow house rules in the Homestays. Usually common sense respect is enough.

Students should indicate their interest by checking the Homestay option on their housing application and email any additional preferences, allergies, or needs (e.g. older or younger children, no pets, some knowledge of English, etc.) to Roommate requests are welcome. Breakfast and dinner are included in the cost of a Homestays with Meals, but access to kitchen facilities is not included. In a Homestays without Meals, students are welcome to use the host family’s kitchen. Students who choose the Homestay with Meals option should be specific about dietary needs and food allergies.

In both Homestay types, one load of laundry per week is included per student. Some host families show students how to use the washing machine while others prefer to do the students’ laundry for them. Although Internet access is not guaranteed in the Homestay option, most families offer Internet access. There is no cleaning/linens service, but sheets, blankets, and pillows are provided. Students must bring their own towels

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Costs (per person) Fall16/Spring17:

Single Bedroom with Meals* 1 person to 1 bedroom  $7,886
Double Bedroom with Meals* 2 persons to 1 bedroom   $6,906
Single Bedroom no Meals 1 person to 1 bedroom $6,906
Double Bedroom no Meals 2 persons to 1 bedroom $6,750

*"With meals" means breakfast and dinner are provided daily.  If you do not have a plan with meals you will have kitchen access to make your own food.

Living in Italy

A note about Internet in Off-Campus Residences: In Italy, Internet service may not be as efficient or consistent as that to which students are accustomed. Students should expect that at times, Internet service may be sporadic. NYU Florence, the landlords, and the telephone company work to reinstate service when connections fail, but issues are not always quickly or easily resolved. Students can help with the process by maintaining communication with the Facilities Office in Florence. Sometimes repairs require time and therefore patience on the part of the residents affected.

According to Italian National Anti-Terrorism laws, only those persons registered to live in a particular living situation may spend the night there.

NYU in Florence can only register students enrolled in the program as living its housing, and housing assignments are specific and registered in advance, so no overnight guests are permitted under any circumstances.

Guests must stay in hotels or find other accommodations. Daytime guests are permitted between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. All students and guests must follow visitation rules.

In wintertime, students should be prepared for rooms to be kept at lower temperatures than is customary in the U.S. Local law permits a maximum temperature of 20°C (68°F), with a tolerance of 2 extra degrees only, and heat may only be on for a total of twelve hours each day per the law. Furthermore, there are laws that specify when in the year heating systems may be activated and must be deactivated (usually November 1st and April 15th respectively). While air conditioning is available on campus, this is a rare commodity off-campus and varies in effectiveness. This is not a service that students should expect. Students who need air conditioning for health reasons should request to live on campus. 

Because Italy has limited energy resources, the city of Florence is highly concerned with energy conservation. As such, students should plan to use less hot water, electricity, and heat than may be standard elsewhere. Hot water heaters may be limited in capacity, causing hot water to run out quickly. Average utility costs are included in the housing charge. Students need to be careful about usage. 

Housing Process and Availability

NYU Florence staff will try to accommodate student preferences; however, due to space limitations, students may be placed in any of the housing possibilities regardless of preferences. Upper-class students should be aware that on-campus options may be very limited, and priority is given to students who have a documented need to live on campus. Please be aware that in an effort to best accommodate the largest number of students, NYU Florence will only consider roommate requests for the same bedroom (i.e. double, triple), not based upon a larger groupings (i.e. a suite, an entire floor or residence, residences located in the same vicinity, etc.). While students may request a living situation offered in a prior term, be aware that the off-campus properties sometimes change from term to term, and factors besides a request to live in a specific location have to be considered in meeting student needs. NYU cannot release roommate information prior to arrival due to privacy laws. 

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