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Events & Excursions


Every semester, NYU Florence organizes several day and weekend trips to nearby cities and towns to introduce you to Italian culture. Some of these excursions are required components of your course work and are included in the cost of your tuition. Other, optional day trips have additional fees, but are quite affordable.

Take a private tour after closing hours.

Take a private tour of the Uffizi with a faculty member after closing.

Explore the most finely preserved Medieval walled town in all of Italy.

Visit this historic university town with a local guide.

Participate in the Carnevale celebrations.

Visit the archeological site where ancient Roman ships were uncovered.

Explore this beautiful town during the famous Chocolate Festival.

Visit the factory where the famous biscotti "cantuccini" are made.

See the famous campo and location of the world famous Palio.

Visit the historic center and then learn how the famous Modena balsalmic vinegar is made.

See the famous Frescobaldi Vineyards and learn how wine is made. Enjoy a meal and learn about proper wine tasting techniques.

Take a guided tour of this breathtaking national park.

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Excursion to Siena

Each semester students participate on a day trip to the medieval city Siena organized by NYU Florence student life staff.

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