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Food & Nightlife

A tango club.

Argentina's local cuisine explores both European and Latin American influences, and is highly regarded worldwide. In Buenos Aires, pizza and pasta are as readily available as regional specialties like empanadas or asado, also known as Argentine barbeque. Grilled meat is an Argentine staple, with steak and beef ribs especially common. If your diet includes meat, you absolutely must check out a popular parrilla and sample their asado. There are many delicious choices for vegetarians, too, like tasty cheese and spinach empanadas, pastas, and salads.

Every neighborhood in Buenos Aires boasts excellent dining options, so students should spend some time finding the best restaurant in their favorite barrio. Instead of rushing the bill out to you, restaurant staff in Argentina will leave you to your dining experience for as long as you wish, because, like Italians, Porteños enjoy sitting down for long meals that allow them to enjoy quality time with friends and family. If you are ever invited to eat out by a local be prepared to enjoy a languid two- to three-hour meal.

Dining Tips

To get the most out of your dining and clubbing experience, consider the following tips:

  • Pick up 'Oleo Guia' Similar to Zagat's, with details and reviews on every restaurant in Buenos Aires. Guides can be purchased at local kiosks, and can also be viewed at
  • It is hard to get a proper meal between the hours of 4 and 7 pm because  it is siesta time.
  • Make reservations on weekend nights and don’t expect a lively atmosphere if you are eating anytime before 10pm

Student Recommendations

  • Lo de Bebe | Charcas 3826 - Ciudad de Buenos Aires | Tel: 4831-3040 | Inexpensive, but small. You can see the chef working in the kitchen.
  • Sarkis |Thames 1101 - Ciudad de Buenos Aires | Tel: 4772-4911 | Very large, excellent middle Eastern food.
  • Don Julio | Guatemala 4691 esq. Gurruchaga - Ciudad de Buenos Aires | Tel: 4831-9564 / 4832-6058 | An upscale Parrilla; great meat.
  • Bar Uriarte | Uriarte 1572 - Ciudad de Buenos Aires | Tel: 4834-6004 | A fancy upscale spot, with great contemporary Argentine cuisine.
  • Green Bamboo | Costa Rica 5802 - Ciudad de Buenos Aires | Tel: 4775-7050 | A great Asian restaurant with a wide variety of delicacies geared towards a younger adventurous crowd.
  • Punto y Banca | Honduras 4002 - Ciudad de Buenos Aires | Tel: 4864-4268 | They are also one of the only places to sell slices to go, New York style. Great deep fried empanadas.
  • Osaka Soler | 5608 - Ciudad de Buenos Aires | Tel: 4775-6964 | A mix of Peruvian and Japanese food. Fresh sushi and ceviche.
  • Bio Humboldt | 2199 - Ciudad de Buenos Aires | Tel: 4774-3880 | One of the few vegetarian restaurants within the city.
  • Xalapa | El Salvador 4800 esquina Gurruchaga - Ciudad de Buenos Aires | Tel: 4833-6102 | Popular establishment with great frozen margaritas. They do not take reservations.
  • 1810 | Julián Álvarez 2000 esq. Guatemala - Ciudad de Buenos Aires | Tel: 4865-0030/4865-4507 | Excellent stone-baked empanadas for about $0.60 each. Make sure to get the jamon del norte.

  • 878 | Bar 878 Thames | Contemporary bar hidden on a residential street in Palermo Soho. Very nice relaxed atmosphere with many drinks unique to the establishment.
  • La Cigal | Avendia 25 de Mayo numero 722 | French themed bar in the business district. Gets very crowded sometimes, because of their resident DJ’s who play a mixture of electronic and jazz music.
  • Jobs | Arenales 2930 Barrio Norte | Massive bar in the middle of Barrio Norte. Unique place because it is all geared towards games. They have everything imaginable from board games to a shooting range.

  • The Big One | Alsina 919 | Used to be an old theater. Best on Saturday nights.
  • Bahrein | Lavalle 345 | Mid-sized two story club. Popular dance music upstairs and intense electronic driven music downstairs. One of the better establishments.
  • Crobar | Paseo de la Infanta | Has chains across the US. One of the more popular places. Mix of tourist and locals.
  • Pacha | Av. Costanera Norte y Pampa | Most famous and attracts the biggest DJs across the world..

 Student recommendations from Fall 2009. Let us know if this list should change!

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