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Get out of the classroom and into the community!  Immerse yourself in Argentina’s culture and community and gain invaluable hands-on experience.  Explore Argentine society through the not-for-profit sector and discover how organizations address key issues facing Buenos Aires today.

NYU Buenos Aires has two great ways for students to get involved in the community:

The for credit internship program helps to arrange students’ placement with a local organization (with an expected commitment of at least 10 hours per week) and convenes a required weekly seminar, for a total of 4 credits. (Application required, details below.)

NYU Buenos Aires also has a very strong and exciting Volunteer & Community Service Program. This program is open to all students, not for credit, and generally involves fewer hours per week than the academic internship program. A survey must be submitted prior to arrival and placements will depend on the student's language level. Students will work with on-site staff to secure volunteer placements during orientation. 

Required Internship Seminar Course Description

Enrollment by permission only; application required (instructions below)Intermediate Spanish or above is strongly recommended.

This course requires a 90-minute weekly seminar and a minimum of 10 hours fieldwork a week at an approved internship field site. The seminar is designed to complement your internship fieldwork, exploring many different aspects of your organization and of Argentine Civil Society. Your goal is to finish the semester with an in-depth understanding of your agency. The course provides you with tools to analyze your organization’s approach, its policies, its programs, and the political, legal, social, economic and cultural contexts in which it operates. Guest-speakers are invited to the seminar and case studies on Argentina civil society are discussed.  You will also spend time reflecting on the internship experience itself as a way to better understand your academic, personal, and career goals.

Sample Syllabus

Application Instructions

Note: The application is only for students intending to enroll in the 4 credit Internship Seminar and Fieldwork course. Students wishing to participate in an internship or volunteer work  without enrolling in the course should not fill out the application. These students will be able to participate in an internship fair to find out about opportunities after arriving in Buenos Aires.

Interested Spring 2015  NYU Buenos Aires students should complete the online application by Friday,  October 24 if they are interested in the program. Students that fill out the application by October 24,  will receive notification before registration week.  After review of internship applications, students may be contacted and asked to do a Skype interview with the language coordinator in Buenos Aires to assess Spanish conversational ability.  

The online application requires you to answer a series of questions designed to help you think systematically about what you would like to learn and accomplish from an internship experience in Buenos Aires, and to indicate which internship placements you would be most interested in. You will also be required to upload a resume in .pdf or .doc format.

Questions? Email

Internship Opportunities

The following is a preliminary and tentative list.  Flexibility is important.   Also, keep in mind that placement options depends on the language level of the student.

Students interested in interning with an organization that is not on the list of available internships should indicate this organization on their application and work with the internship coordinator to finalize internship parameters.

Please note that internship options and organizations are subject to change.


ARGRA is the Argentine Press Photographer´s association working to promote the rights of photo journalists and with cultural project involving photography.

Potential Tasks include assisting in the activities of the organization, administrative tasks as well as other specific related to photography. Demands of a volunteer with prior experience in working with photography.


A design and arts studio working with graffiti, community art. From Tamara: "En nuestro estudio, Collage, realizamos proyectos artísticos multidisciplinarios para publicidad, btl, eventos, etc siempre utilizando como fuerza creativa a artistas e ilustradores. Trabajamos para marcas como Citi, Motorola, Irsa, etc."

Potential tasks  include working on a variety of art and community related projects as well as administrative tasks.

Please note that this placement is for mucisians only (placements require the students to play an instrument at an advanced level).

Organization that promotes and organizes juvenile orchestras in different parts of Argentina.  This particular branch is in the Retiro neighborhood of Buenos Aires.


Ph15 is a non-profit organization working with photo workshops for young people in marginalized neighborhoods in Buenos Aires and La Plata.

Potential tasks include:
Support with office work, updating their social networks, doing translations, supporting with the planning of the photography courses, looking into funding.

Fundación Grano de Mostaza promotes social and educational inclusion for children by implementing workshops in art and other related activities.

Potential tasks include recreational art activities with children within the "Sembrando creatividad" program.

Environment and Sustainability Development

Ambientate is a non-profit working to promote environmental concerns. Promotion of free public events and campaigns in the city of Buenos Aires.

Potential tasks include fundraising and administrative tasks, translation and campaigning events. 

Through alliances with secondary schools and local partners, the organization works with environmental education and recycling, as well as labor insertion.

Potential Internship Tasks:

Participate in program activities

Administrative tasks

A non-profit organization committed to providing solutions to what have become serious environmental problems. The foundation believes that education is the most effective way to inform and train individuals so as to face and prevent these problems. The group leads projects in various regions of the country to educate the population about environmental issues.

Potential tasks include administrative tasks as well as translation. Assistance with planning and promotion of special events or programs such as fundraising or awareness-promoting events and activities. Volunteers always invited to participate in events being organized during their placement. Good for students looking for exposure to environmentalist organizations and who are willing to put time in with office tasks in order to learn from those around him/her in an informal way


A.E.D.I.N. (Asociación en Defensa del Infante Neurológico) is a non-profit organization that provides treatment and educational programs for children with neurological disorders. There is a kindergarten, primary school and secondary school, as well as three programs that provide meals and recreational activities for the children.

Potential tasks include helping in the pantry serving food and taking part in recreational activities, games, reading, drawing, etc with the kids. There are also potential opportunities to get involved with musical therapy. Students with pre-med or neuroscience background may have different opportunities related to these areas.

Provides housing and support to children with cancer and their families. One of the most renowned institutions in the country and region.

Placement typically go twice a week, where one day is dedicated to an activity or workshop of choice (arts & crafts, drawing, games...) with the children, and the other is spent helping to sort and classify the donated items received in the organzation. The workshops are held in an area where the children who want to can participate and a parent is always present. Must always accompanied by a fully-trained local volunteer or staff member, and therefore schedules may vary depending on availability.

A Local Red Cross branch.  Potential tasks include Assisting in Red Cross activities in marginalized neighborhood Barrio Mitre. 

An organization that works in response to HIV/AIDS with access to information, education, and prevention to form a committed social consciousness and solidarity, promote research and the updating of health professionals, and improving social services and health including protection against discrimination.

Potential Internship Tasks:

Recreational activities with children affected by HIV/AIDS

Administrative tasks at a public hospital

The Fundación organizes recreational activities for children attending public hospitals in Buenos Aires.

Potential tasks include recreational activities with children affected by HIV / AIDS. Administrative tasks at a public hospital (Past volunteers have been placed at Hospital Fernández  

This program develops programs to organize games with hospitalized children, by visiting and playing with them, donating toys. Hospital Elizalde (ex Casa Cuna)


Journalism and Media

Argentina Independent is a monthly newspaper and web-based newspaper in English, helping English speakers gain a better understanding of Argentina. They work in partnership with other independent local publications.

Potential tasks include assisting and working with photography, events and marketing for the newspaper. Please note that there are no openings for journalism internships 

Bubblear is a news sites producing English news on Argentina. Similar to the Onion.

Potential tasks include writing articles, taking photos and administrative tasks. 

Neighborhood newspaper dedicated to promoting the cultural heritage of San Telmo.

Potential InternTasks:

Administrative tasks

Wwriting articles

Politics, Public Policy and Research

Political science, law, human rights

Potential Internship Tasks:


CIPPEC is a private, non-for profit organization that conducts research, consulting and implementation of public policies.

Potential Internship Tasks:

The voluntary placement includes participating in one of the four policy areas of the institutions, with research on different topics.


Organization within the Episcopal Conference of Argentina with over 50 years experience in the care and integration of migrants and refugees.

Potential Internship Tasks:

Participate in program activities

A non-for profit organization working to strengthen civil society organizations, strengthen public-private partnerships for sustainable development, and corporate social responsibility.

Potential tasks include administrative tasks as well as research tasks on the programs that are implemented by the organization.

Part of the Public Administration of the City of Buenos Aires

Potential tasks include administrative and research tasks related to recycling management, and the promotion of sustainable development within the city.

Social and Economic Development

Argentina’s oldest and largest Jewish organization, provides a wide range of services to the community, including voluntary services.

Potential Internship Tasks:

Help in senior citizens day care center

Institutional development

Teaching and tutoring

Ashoka promotes the formation of an efficient and globally integrated enterprising citizen sector, where social entrepreneurs can flourish and inspire others to become true agents of change. The volunteer placements include supporting the Ashoka office in Argentina, developing programmes and communication.

Potential tasks include research and administrative work; support to programs in development and communication.

Provides support to children with special needs Mondays thru Saturdays: recreational activities, games, sports, homework help, swimming


Food Banks, based and linked to the American Food Banks, this organization is the network which groups the food banks of Argentina.

Potential Internship Tasks:

Administrative work (receiving goods, identify and classify products that are donated by marketers or producers)



Food Banks, based and linked to the American Food Banks, this organization is the network which groups the food banks of Argentina.

Potential tasks include administrative work (receiving goods, identify and classify products that are donated by marketers or producers). 

A non-profit implementing different self-sustaining program that acts as a link between those with building materials and furniture to donate and those in need.

Potential tasks include administrative tasks; help with the different projects they implement (microcredits, construction and housing, "Sume materiales", donation drives)

Develops projects to improve the situation of rural communities which are undergoing social and economic decline.

Potential Internship Tasks:

Tutoring and Education

Argentina’s oldest and largest Jewish organization provides a wide range of services to the community, including voluntary services.

Potential tasks include one-on-one tutoring and activities with the children (including sports, games, drawing, English help, etc).

A non-profit working to promote the role of sports, and particularly soccer/football to children in impoverished sub-urban Buenos Aires. Implements weekly sport, recreational and social activities.

Potential tasks include research and administrative work; support to programs in development and communication.

The Argentine office of Fulbright Commission works to promote higher education in the US, manages scholarship programs and other activities related to higher education in the US for Argentine University students.

Potential tasks include administrative tasks working with translations and assisting in the management of scholarship programs, in promoting Fundación Fulbright´s work in Argentina.

Ideal for student with basic Spanish language skills. 

Home/shelter for children and teenagers coming from varying situations of need (mostly from troubled, impoverished or abusive families). The program provides social and educational support to the children and takes care of all their needs as they live there full time until they are able to move out into a stable situation.

Potential tasks include working with children to provide homework help, tutoring, play and downtime. Participate in the planning and promotion of different programs such as fundraising events, kermesse, activities for the kids, etc. Also be willing to help out as needed with administrative tasks as well as sorting and classifying donated items.


This organization’s vision is a literate Argentina in which each and every child has access to books, is able to read, and values reading. They have launched numerous projects and programs to that end since their creation in 1997, and today focus on the importance of family in developing literacy and strive to develop methods to guarantee the family’s commitment and participation as well as that of the community at large.

The volunteer’s main responsibility is to aid in the Fundraising area, particularly reaching out to individuals, organizations and companies who may be able to contribute towards the mission of the organization. The staff is very open to hearing about ways each volunteer can get further involved and encourage him/her to share their ideas. Volunteers are always invited to attend and assist with the various events and activities organized by the foundation. 

Fundación Social is a non-profit organization working with activities for children and youth in the Barracas and La Boca neighborhoods.

Potential tasks include assist with the canteen, and in the school support activities and other workshops with the children. Examples of past activities include Apoyo Escolar (English  

Home/shelter for young girls coming from varying situations of need (mostly from troubled, impoverished or abusive families). The program provides social and educational support to the girls and takes care of all their needs as they live there full time until they are able to move out into a stable situation.

1 placement per semester

work with one or more of the young women throughout the semester working on homework help, English, and generally providing support. Environment is very delicate; teenage girls are placed there for varying reasons, mostly because of troubled family situation including abuse, abandonment and financial hardship.

A Catholic center that supports and provides tutoring services to young girls and adolescents who live in the low-income neighborhoods in Buenos Aires.

Potential Internship Tasks:

Tutoring in English and arts

Accompany the girls and adolescents in recreational activities

Home/shelter for children and teenagers coming from varying situations of need (mostly from troubled, impoverished or abusive families). Volunteers would work with the younger children, whose building is located in Boedo. The program provides social and educational support to the children and takes care of all their needs, as they live there full time until they are able to move out into a stable situation.

Potential tasks include accompanying the children in recreational activities: art, games, reading, drawing... Help with tasks in the home as needed, from serving food to help with the  

Non-profit organization that provides school support for young people between 12 and 18 years of age, including homework help, English tutoring, and technology workshops that aim to provide students with the computer skills to progress in their future careers. Provides a free space where tutors work with youth to develop studying and organization skills.

Potential tasks include helping with English homework and exercises and other projects as they arise (translating subtitles into English for student film projects, preparing students for special honors annual trip to U.S, etc.) 

Social project aimed at developing programs for children from the surrounding area who need support, motivation and a safe space to play and learn after school. More than 80% of the parents whose children attend SSA are immigrants from Bolivia, Peru and other parts of the region and often live in difficult circumstances in Argentina. SSA is a space where their children can learn values and skills such as respect, teamwork, patience, etc. beyond the classroom and home. There is a “juegoteca” and football league where volunteers can participate and help develop learning skills and social integration in children ages 5 to 12. 

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"My highlights include sunbathing in February...wandering the cobblestone streets of Palermo, stumbling across hidden courtyards, dreaming of who lives behind the long, shuttered windows...sipping coffee at an open-air cafe while the waitress check over my Spanish homework..."

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