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Street bus in Accra

Day Trips

It is easy to travel throughout Ghana for a weekend or just a day!

  • Ada - Very beautiful and interesting, many people on the program went with groups to stay on the beach overnight. [tro-tro, bus]
  • Bead market with Uncle' Joe's class - Amazing and the cheapest place to get beads or jewelry. [tro-tro, taxi]
  • Cape Coast - Stay at a beautiful beach resort for very little money, and then travel to Elmina slave castle and go to the Kakum National Park and canopy walkway on your way back. This trip was beautiful and offered an amazing look at Ghanaian culture. [bus, chartered or shared taxi]
  • Kokrobite - A fun and really cheap beach stay [tro-tro]
  • Tema - Travel to see the ports. [tro-tro, bus]
  • Takoradi - Scenic beaches rarely found by tourists. [tro-tro or bus]

Book all travel far in advance. However, do not book anything until after the first week of classes. You may find there are NYU-sponsored trips already in place.

Last Minute Tips

  • Inform someone (your parents, the school, a friend) of your travel plans in case of emergency.
  • Make sure you have more than one source of money (e.g. cash and a credit card, or two credit cards).
  • Make a copy of your passport and a credit card and pack these to bring along with you.
  • Bring e-mail confirmations of all reservations and arrangements you have made.
  • Write down the address of your destination to show to a local if you need help. Also, print out directions of how to get to that location.
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Embassy/Consulate General

There is a new American Embassy right by Osu and only about 10 minutes from the NYU site. During orientation, students get to meet the Ambassador and staff. 

Semester Break

You can spend your semester break doing anything. Some students plan exciting adventures around Ghana. Others traveled throughout Africa. Some went to places like Nairobi or South Africa, while other students went to Togo and Benin (neighboring countries) that they accessed by taxis. Ask NYU staff about travel agents.

It is often cheaper to travel to Europe than to travel within Africa itself, so many students visit friends at other study abroad sites - just beware of culture shock!

I went to Kenya & South Africa on my fall break. I got to play with baby cheetahs and lions. I think that pretty much explains for itself how cool it was. I also did a driving safari and I got to see downtown Nairobi, which was cool cause it was so different from Accra. I went to McDonalds in South Africa - very exciting at the time.  -- Emily
Rainforest waterfall.
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