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Admitted Students

Welcome to NYU Accra! We’re delighted that you’ll be spending a semester or year with us and can’t wait to greet you in Accra. In the meantime, this page will guide you through everything you need to get ready for your experience abroad.


In order to confirm your intention to enroll, you must accept your offer of admission by submitting a $500 non-refundable reservation fee. You can accept or decline your offer online using a non-refundable e-check or by mail / in person (only if you are unable to accept your offer online). To accept online, please see your acceptance email with specific instructions on how to access the link through NYUHome. If you are unable to accept your offer online, please mail a completed Confirmation Form (to be sent separately) and a check or money order payable to "New York University" to NYU Office of Global Programs, 110 East 14th Street, Lower Level, New York, NY 10003. Please DO NOT SEND CASH. The check or money order must be in U.S. funds only and include your University ID number and Study Away site in the memo section. Reservation fees are encouraged within two weeks of acceptance.  **It is this confirmation form and fee that guarantees your place in the program. Please note that programs space is limited. If the program reaches capacity before we receive your reservation fee, you will be placed on a waitlist.**

To help prepare you for your semester or year away, your site representative has created an Admitted Students blog specificially for your program and term. This blog will be your main point of reference throughout the pre-departure process. All students need to be aware that this blog will be updated frequently, making it especially important to check new links and updates. These will be highlighted in a weekly email from your site rep, but it is highly suggest you – and your parents – subscribe to the blog as well to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Please see link below for this term's Admitted Students blog.

NYU's Office of Global Services (OGS) will be your main contact in navigating the immigration and visa process. Review step-by-step instructions on what you need to do on the Visa for Accra page.

We strongly advise you to begin the vaccination process immediately--in some cases, the human body requires six to eight weeks from the time of a vaccination to build immunity.  Please be aware that the Ghanaian government requires everyone entering the country to be vaccinated against Yellow Fever. NYU also requires students to be vaccinated against Typhoid and to take anti-malarial medication.  If you plan to visit Northern Ghana--on your own or with NYU--you must also have proof on file of vaccination against Cerebrospinal Meningitis due to the high levels of infection in the area.  Based upon the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), we also encourage students to have the following additional vaccinations: Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and doses of Tetanus-Diphtheria, Measles, and Polio. You can access more information on vaccinations and health in the region at the WHO Web-site for Ghana.

Before you go you are going to need to get your shots and start taking anti-malaria medication. There are a few to choose from, and they work differently for everyone. Consult your family and medical provider before you make your decision. Here are some ‘pros & cons’ that we experienced to help you before you step into the doctor’s office:

Mefloquine/Lariam (weekly)


  • Cheaper option.
  • Highly effective and is only taken once a week.


  • The side effects can include weird dreams and feeling a little off the day you take Mefloquine (some people had severe effects).
  • Can cause depression, hallucinations, or panic attacks in those with a history of mental illness.

Doxycycline (daily)



  • Taken once a day, we found it to be comparable to Mefloquine in effectiveness, without the harsh side effects.



  • Can cause yeast infections in women.
  • May reduce the effectiveness of oral contraceptives.
  • Skin may be more sensitive to sunburn. (Remember you are right by the Equator, after all!)‏

Malarone (daily)



  •  No side effects like Mefloquine or Doxycycline.



  •  Most expensive medication.
  • Tends to be less effective than the other two, often the result of forgetting to follow the pill’s strict schedule of taking one everyday at the same time.

Financial aid, grants, and scholarships are available to both NYU and Non-NYU upperclassmen who study abroad at the NYU Global Academic Centers. 

Additional scholarships for study abroad are available through many organizations.

For more details about financial aid, scholarships, and grants.

NYU Students: We'll send all e-mail communication to your NYU e-mail address (not your personal or Stern address), so check that account regularly or activate mail forwarding. In addition, make sure that your addresses and phone numbers in Albert are updated so that we're able to contact you with important information throughout the semester.

Visiting Students: You created an NYUHome account when applying for the program.  Please make sure you keep all contact information current and check your NYUHome e-mail account regularly.

NYU Students: If you currently live in NYU Housing, the housing office will be in touch with via email to confirm your cancellation. Questions? E-mail

The housing preferences form for housing abroad will be available through the online forms system.  Please note that housing abroad is guaranteed and required for all students.

NYU Students: Attending a Pre-Departure Orientation is required for all students. At the PDO, you will learn about courses, student life, excursions, and much more. 

Visiting Students: If you’re nearby and able to attend any on-campus events, we’d love to have you. However, we’re also committed to making sure that those of you who don’t live near New York City are kept in the loop. Here are a few ways we ensure that you’re just as well-informed as NYU students:

  1. We will send you regular e-mails with comprehensive “what to do” lists and details and post information about the pre-departure process to the site specific blogs.
  2. Our staff is always available to provide prompt assistance to any questions you have by e-mail or phone.
  3. We can put you in contact with students who attend our programs so that you can get inside information on what to expect. To speak with a former student from your program, please e-mail
For a full schedule of Pre-departure Orientations please see the Admitted Students blog.


Please view the course selection within the Academics Section of this website. Please note these courses are subject to change.  Days, times and call numbers will be provided closer to registration.

Official Course listings will be available through


Registration for Courses at the University of Ghana, Legon:

Students attending NYU Accra must fill out the University of Ghana, Legon visiting student application if they are interested in taking a course there. Please see here for the application deadline and detailed instructions on how to fill out the application.

All students are responsible for arranging their own transportation for their semester abroad. Students must plan to arrive on Arrival Day as indicated on the calendar.  

Housing is available only for the dates of the program so if you plan to arrival early or leave late, please be aware you will be responsible for your own accommodations.

For tips and requirements about flights, please see the Admitted Students blog.

All students are required to submit a combination of paper and online forms.  These forms are used to collect needed information for your upcoming semester like housing preferences, immigration preparation, and arrival itinerary.  

For more information about required forms and relevant links please see the Admitted Students blog.

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