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Events & Excursions

Study Trips

The NYU Abu Dhabi program will offer study trips to the varied cities and dramatic landscapes of the UAE. Examples include visits to:

  • Dubai and the tallest building in the world—the Burj Khalifa
  • Sharjah and the Museum of Islamic Art
  • Ras Al Khaimah with a cruise on a traditional Arabian Dhow ship
  • Al Ain and its UNESCO World Heritage Site Oasis

Some courses may include trips within the UAE or to other countries in the region as a required part of study. The cost for such trips is included in the tuition fee. Last year’s trips included visits to Nepal, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Turkey, India, Qatar, Oman, and Bahrain.

Trips outside the UAE are contingent upon visa requirements and safety and security conditions. You may also elect to participate in extra-curricular trips offered by NYUAD in the region at your own expense.

Student Programming

NYU Abu Dhabi offers a variety of programs throughout the term. Here are a few examples.


In Arabic, "Let's gather, collect, come together."

This principle of coming together inspires the Linajma program. Participants represent a multitude of vibrant communities existing within the students, staff, and faculty of NYU Abu Dhabi. Linajma coordinates community-generated experiences to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and skills and foster public engagement among members of NYUAD and the city of Abu Dhabi at large.

Linajma is a non-credit learning program held several times each academic year. Students, staff, and faculty have the opportunity to enroll in and teach sessions outside the classroom. Sessions are also offered by institutions in the larger Abu Dhabi community, including L'Atelier des Arts and the Abu Dhabi Pottery Studio. In each Linajma term, NYUAD students and Sheikh Mohamed Scholars will learn skills and passions from instructors and one another and work towards a community showcase that celebrates the rich diversity of skills at NYUAD and the spirit of Linajma.

Events and Activities

Several times throughout the year, the Office of Student Life will sponsor students' participation in special events happening in Abu Dhabi or throughout the Emirates. This might mean purchasing tickets to visiting performers, sporting events, or conventions as well as organizing special students-only trips to exciting locations.  

Examples of past and future events:

  • Abu Dhabi International Book Fair
  • Al Ain Aerobatic Show
  • Boat Cruise
  • International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition
  • Monster Truck Rally
  • Yas Waterworld

Quirky Holidays

Everyone loves celebrating holidays like UAE National Day, New Years, Earth Day, Christmas, Holi, Valentine's Day, and Halloween. But, what about all the other holidays you never even knew existed? Every few weeks, the Office of Student Life helps students have a little spontaneous fun and celebrate the obscure and quirky holidays that people recognize around the world.

Examples of past and future holiday observances:

  • Puzzle Day — January 29
  • Kite Flying Day — February 8
  • Day of Awesomeness — March 10
  • Hug an Australian Day — April 26
  • Chicken Dance Day — May 14
  • Bad Poetry Day — August 18
  • Talk Like a Pirate Day — September 19
  • Face Your Fears Day — October 8
  • Origami Day — November 11
  • Chocolate Covered Anything Day — December 16

“And a Movie” Program

Once a month, we pick a movie and in collaboration with one of NYUAD's student interest groups create a two-part event around it. Sometimes it might be "Dinner and a Movie," but it could also be a "Game and a Movie," an "Adventure and a Movie," or a "Presentation and a Movie." Regardless, the goal of this series is to integrate programming designed by students, for students with a fun trip to see a new movie in the theater.

Examples of past and future events:

  • Iron Man Marathon and "The Science of Iron Man"
  • Fast and the Furious and Karting
  • Star Trek and Stargazing
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