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Beyond the Classroom


Volunteer Activities

You can develop civic responsibility and skills for community engagement and public leadership through NYU Abu Dhabi's community-based learning opportunities in Abu Dhabi. For a sample list of organizations in which students have volunteered in past semesters see Community Outreach.


NYU Abu Dhabi provides full career counseling services, including opportunities to intern in over ninety on campus or sixty off campus positions. All internships are unpaid. The Career Development Center provides vast resources to NYU Abu Dhabi students. From handouts to exclusive online databases, we have everything students need to explore career options and get connected. For more information please see Career Development Center Resources.

Student Interest Groups

SIGs at NYUAD represent a wide range of student interests, pursuits, and identities. Students looking to get engaged with the local community may be attracted to groups like the Women's Leadership Network, Advocacy, or Ecoherence, while students with a strong affinity for intellectual exploration and discourse could be called to the Debate Team, Entrepreneurship Society or one of several other groups dedicated to math, science, technology, and innovation. There are spiritual communities including the Abu Dhabi Christian Fellowship and the Islamic Student Union, as well as cultural organizations like Africa Global, Loulou (Arabic), and TASHAN (Southeast Asia). Students participate in a host of athletic opportunities like wake boarding, capoeira, horseback riding, and scuba diving, but also spend time exploring art, music, and food. These are only a small sample of the options currently available. Many more exciting opportunities are waiting for you at NYU Abu Dhabi.

Athletics and Physical Education

The Physical Education program at NYU Abu Dhabi provides robust opportunities for competitive and recreational athletic participation, fitness through exercise classes such as aerobics and Pilates, and lifelong skills in sports such as golf and tennis. Students may participate in a wide range of indoor and outdoor fitness activities, including popular team sports such as football, volleyball, and tennis; individual competitions such as road races and triathlons; a choice of water sports such as kayaking and sail boarding; and athletic leisure activities, such as cycling, hiking, and equestrian events. More information on physical education courses can be found on the undergraduate programs website.

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