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North America

New York University, one of the foremost private, global research institutions in the United States, is primarily located in the heart of downtown Manhattan. The Global Network University model has emerged as a natural and logical extension of NYU’s research and teaching agendas; flowing from our eco-systemic relation to New York City, the diversity of thought represented by all of our schools, colleges, and programs—and our internationally connected and collaborative faculty. Students and faculty interact with their urban environment in countless meaningful and essential ways, using these locations as a major asset.

Country City Program
United States Washington, DC NYU Washington, DC
United States New York NYU New York City

The Philosophy of the Global Network University

The world is globalized, and it is imperative that the universities participate in this reality. To do this, universities of the 21st century must educate and inspire world citizens who can cross intellectual, ideological, and physical boundaries. Universities can do so by creating learning communities that generate the new understandings and innovations that will foster sustainability and unification in our complex, interdependent world.

Founded in one of the great cosmopolitan cities of the world, New York University embodies the significance of place and the potential unleashed through student and faculty interconnection with our dynamic, urban surroundings. NYU draws energy from the community’s willingness to engage with all of the differences, complexities, and questions that this urban existence produces. NYU sees itself as very much “in and of the city.”  Its mission also is premised on an understanding that in the 21st century that identity carries the imperative to also become a university that is “in and of the world.”

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