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Types of Programming

The main undergraduate academic programs at the 10 global sites are one-semester or year-long undergraduate programs designed to work seamlessly with individual academic programs. Additionally, students go abroad as part of their major via school-specific curriculum.

Graduate program offerings include master’s programs at some of the 10 main global sites, and study abroad and research opportunities through our direct exchange partner institutions.

Summer session programs are offered by NYU’s various schools and departments for both graduate and undergraduate students. Summer program locations are as diverse as Beijing and Shanghai, Barcelona and Dublin. Some programs, such as Journalism in Ghana, Filmmaking in Prague, and Urban Design in London, are major-specific, while others, such as the offerings in Athens, Florence, and Paris, are formulated to blend together different disciplines into a single avenue of knowledge.

NYU in Buenos Aires

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Intersession program offerings arise through the various schools, colleges, and programs during winter and summer intersessions, often focusing on specific research or service projects. For example, Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholars took a January intersession trip to Peru, where they lived with host families and helped tackle health and ecological issues by installing clean-burning stoves, building bathrooms at schools, and planting trees. Silver School of Social Work students regularly travel to Tanzania during their winter and summer breaks in order to work at the Tanzania Children's Rescue Center, a safe haven for children founded by an NYU undergraduate.

Direct exchange programs with partner institutions allow students to retain matriculation while earning NYU credit at distinguished research universities around the globe.  The NYU International Exchange Program provides students with a variety of academic venues and structures that enables independent students to immerse themselves in a culture while studying with leading scholars at some of the world’s best universities.

Lectures, seminars, conferences, and events are scheduled throughout the year— around the world. At the NYU Abu Dhabi Institute, a speaker series called Conversations with Authors featured lectures on topics from the U.S. presidential election to the cosmology of Stephen Hawking.

NYU in Buenos Aires hosts a series of guest lectures each semester that helps students develop a better understanding of Argentine and Latin American culture through the arts, politics, and heritage.  

A full conference center at NYU in Florence hosts international academic conferences that have included the Mediterranean diet, transatlantic conversations on Italian art, and the philosophy of mind.  

At NYU in Prague, the Prague Insititute for Democracy, Economy, and Culture sponsors an annual conference that students help to organize and through which they network with experts including anthropologists, architects, and political leaders.  Each site sponsors its own activities, which together provide an impressive calendar of events and opportunities.

NYU Abu Dhabi

All Kinds of Opportunities

At NYU’s many international locations and through associations with partner institutions, a full range of globally oriented programming occurs around the world. Students and faculty take advantage of all kinds of opportunities—from study abroad programs to school-sponsored research experiences, from curriculum-driven degree programming to global community service projects, from lectures and seminars on the many campuses to cyber classes that connect students at various sites by web video for shared lectures. The range of global programming continues to expand with NYU’s growth as a Global Network University.

A Global Network University

Every year, students pack their bags and leave home in pursuit of a dream: to live and study at New York University. NYU, one of the foremost private, global research institutions in the United States, is primarily located in the heart of downtown Manhattan. Over 160 undergraduate programs of study that match almost every professional interest are offered here. Beyond NYU's Washington Square campus in Greenwich Village lies a whole world of NYU opportunity. As a student in a global network university with a portal campus in Abu Dhabi and 10 international academic centers, you're able to make progress toward your degree on five continents—Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. You broaden the scope of your education through study abroad programs, direct-exchange programs with world-renowned institutions, and curriculum-driven international programming. Around the world, you'll continue to work closely with faculty and fellow students who share your commitment, you'll apply what you've learned, and you'll develop the skills and qualities-both needed and expected in this increasingly integrated, global climate—to make a real difference in the world around you.

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