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Momentum, a Scholarship Campaign for NYU

Addressing Student Debt Reduction

Our strongest applicants often struggle with the decision to attend NYU, even though it is clearly their first-choice dream school, for a simple reason: they cannot afford it. For many of our students, their families’ ability to finance their education—rather than their talent or drive to succeed—is the single most significant factor in whether or not they will be able to choose NYU.

With more than 50,000 full- and part-time students enrolled, NYU is the largest private university in the United States. Nowhere else are so many of the world’s best young minds coming together. More than one in five NYU undergraduates receive a Pell Grant, an important metric for economic diversity; our students have greater financial needs than those at most of our peer institutions.

Our current endowment looks large as a whole number. But when it is expressed per student, it falls short of that of all our peer institutions—and of student needs. With a large high-need student body, the University’s financial aid resources must reach further and offer more.

The result is that too many deserving NYU students are chasing too few available dollars. By radically enlarging our pool of scholarship funds, NYU can lessen the strain on our students, whether they are our very neediest or from overburdened middle-class families saving for retirement or handling other financial needs. Your support can help to dramatically ease the burden of debt on many NYU students and their families—and empower them as you enable these ambitious young men and women to earn their NYU degrees.


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