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Society of the Arch

The Washington Square Arch has long stood as a symbol of New York University. Generations of young men and women have passed beneath it as new students, and viewed it as the centerpiece of their campus life. Scholars have created art and music in its shade, and for decades it served as the focal point of commencement celebrations. Even as New York University stretches its arms across the globe to embrace new cultures and opportunities, the arch remains the axis upon which NYU revolves. Throughout the country and the world, the Washington Square Arch represents the vibrancy, innovation, and energy of the University and of New York City itself.

The Society of the Arch was established to recognize those benefactors who have supported NYU’s continued growth and reinvention with outright, six-figure commitments since September 1, 2010. These extraordinary donors are vital partners in the University’s mission of providing a world-class education to all. Like the Arch, their generosity will have an enduring impact on this great institution.

Society of the Arch Members

Michael Ajukwu (STERN ᾿85)

Albert Shanker Institute

American Research Center in Egypt

The AVI CHAI Foundation

Joan F. and Donald E. Axinn Foundation

Whitney and Roger Bagnall

Corrine Barsky

Maria Bartiromo (WSC ᾿89) and Jonathan Steinberg

Ann H. Bass

Laura and Jonathan Beinner

Bernard Beiser (STERN ᾿62)

Jayne (ARTS ᾿74, STERN ᾿80) and Harvey (ARTS ᾿74, STERN ᾿75) Beker 

The Bentson Foundation

Caroline and Andrew Bird

Stanley & Joyce Black Family Foundation

Bloomberg Philanthropies

The David Bohnett Foundation

Deborah and Richard Born (WSC ᾿78, MED ᾿82)

William Boss

Maureen and Kevin Brady (STERN ᾿80)

Milos Brajovic (STERN ᾿93, ᾿97)

Ruth and Louis Brause (STERN ᾿56)

The Deborah L. Brice Foundation

Ursula Burns (POLY ᾿80, HON ᾿05) and Lloyd Bean

Karen and Jeremiah Callaghan

The Annie E. Casey Foundation

Wayne and Arlene Chaplin Family Foundation

Eileen Chen

Cisco Systems

Rita and Joseph Cohen

The Commonwealth Fund

Consumers Union

Colleen Conway-Welch (NUR ᾿73)

Marc Cooper (STERN ᾿83, ᾿87)

Michael Cunningham (SPS ᾿96, STEINHARDT ᾿05)

Kathleen and James Dahl

Danial Family Foundation

Wendy (SPS ᾿00, ᾿09) and George David

Julie and Glenn Davidson

Maria and Fernando de Queiroz Campos

Deerbrook Charitable Trust

Shauna and Michael Denkensohn (STERN ᾿73)

DentaQuest Foundation

Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation

Alla (STERN ᾿97) and Stanislav Liberman (STERN ᾿97, ᾿03)

The Dyson Foundation

Cynthia and Daniel Edelman

Zeina and Imad El Khalil

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas and Catherine Errico

Richard Essey (STERN ᾿47, ᾿48)

Bernadette Farrell

Geraldene Felton (NUR ᾿69)

Elizabet and William Fleischman

Forest City Ratner Companies

Evgeny Freidman

Anna and Paul Freiman

Anita Dann Friedman and Harvey Friedman

Scott Friedman (DEN ᾿79)

Frank Galassi (STEINHARDT ᾿71)

Lynnel Garabedian

The Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation

Joseph Gershenov

Claude Ghez

John Gilbert (WSC ᾿91)

Sheri and Jeffrey Gindi

Sharon Sager-Golden and Howard Golden (STERN ᾿87)

Google Inc.

Perry and Martin Granoff (STERN ᾿58)

William T. Grant Foundation

Jean Minskoff Grant (STEINHARDT ᾿76, ᾿79) and Francis Clark Grant III

Marilyn F. Grinwis Gray (STEINHARDT ᾿68)

Caroline and Mounir Guen

Amy Kaplan-Guttman (WSC ᾿79) and Ronald Guttman

Judith and Leonard Haber

Charles S. and Cynthia Haddad and Family

Hillary and Andre Haroche (LS ᾿91, STERN ᾿93, ᾿00)

Frank R. Harrison (STERN ᾿89, GSAS ᾿12, SPS ᾿15)

Barbara Hayes (NUR ᾿63)

Dr. Martin Kane and Dr. Stephen Cuchel

Gloria Hendrix-Shakrani (GSAS ᾿62, ᾿78)

Henry Herrmann (STERN ᾿68)

Kathleen and Charles J. Hinkaty (POLY ᾿70, ᾿72)

Hollywood Foreign Press Association Trust

Howard S. and Deborah Jonas Foundation

Jennifer Lee and Anderson Huang (DEN ᾿87, ᾿90, ᾿95)

Human Frontier Science Program

Independence Blue Cross Foundation

Lindsey Inserra (CAS ᾿09, SSSW ᾿11)

Angela (STEINHARDT ᾿71) and Scott Jaggar

James Janowsky

Jewish Foundation for Education of Women

Peng Jin (STERN ᾿98)

Johnson & Johnson

Earlethea and Earvin Johnson

Julia Child Foundation for Gastronomy and the Culinary Arts

Zafer Tolga Kabatas

Janet (STERN ᾿95) and Howard (STERN ᾿87) Kagan

Alan Kaganov (STERN ᾿66)            

Robert Kamen (ARTS ᾿69)

J. M. Kaplan Fund, Inc.

Amy and Jeffrey Kaplan (STERN ᾿86, ᾿92)

Rikki (WSC ᾿76) and Barry Kaplan

Joyce and Jack Kassin

Albert Kassin (STERN ᾿01) and Steven Kassin (STERN ᾿07)

Maria Zoullas and George Kaufman (STERN ᾿55)

Seong Beom Kim

The Charles and Lucille King Family Foundation

Robert E. Klein 

David Ko (STERN ᾿93)

Susan and Richard Jay Kogan (STERN ᾿68)

The Kurz Family Foundation

Frederick Kopf (STERN ᾿58)

Michael Kowalski

Mailin Mimi Lai (DEN ᾿88)

Jennifer and Yon Lai (DEN ᾿89, ᾿91)

Phyllis and Gerald LeBoff (STERN ᾿42, STEINHARDT ᾿12)

Ang Lee (TSOA ᾿84,  HON ᾿01)

Germaine and George Lee

Judy Lee (STERN ᾿88) and Lieng-Seng Wee

Suzanne and Richard Leeds (STERN ᾿82)

Sarah (WSC ᾿64, GSAS ᾿68) and Martin (CIMS ᾿65, ᾿69) Leibowitz 

Karen and Joseph Levine

Jay L. Lewis (STERN ᾿63)

Robert Ira Lewy M.D. F.A.C.P

The Lucius N. Littauer Foundation, Inc.

Glenn Louie (POLY ᾿68)

Louis Lucido (STERN ᾿97)

John Mahedy (STERN ᾿85, ᾿91)

Angelo C. Malahias (STERN '83)

Sheree and Nathan Mandelbaum

Michele Marincola (IFA ᾿90)

Marriott International, Inc.

Annette and Nick Mason

Alison Mass (STERN ᾿80, ᾿81) and Salvatore Bommarito

Pierre and Tana Matisse Foundation

Arthur Matzkowitz

Michael Meisler (STERN ᾿92, LAW ᾿02)

Edward Mermelstein (WSC ᾿91)

Mertz Gilmore Foundation

Emily L. Meschter

Ken Miller

Dara Mitchell (WSC ᾿81, IFA ᾿10) and Michael Offit

Timothy Moe (WSC ᾿79, STERN ᾿84) 

Elliott Moskowitz (DEN ᾿72)

Motorola Mobility Foundation

The NASDAQ OMX Group Educational Foundation

National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering

National Council of State Boards of Nursing

National Grid

National Hartford Center of Gerontological Nursing Excellence

New Profit, Inc.

New York State Health Foundation

NoVo Foundation

Marybeth and Gavin O’Connor (STERN ᾿92)

Marcie Hermelin Orley (WSC '81) and Robert Orley

Alaleh and Ariel Ostad (WSC ᾿87, MED ᾿91)

Soon-Suk Paik (STERN ᾿81)

Mae Liang Loh (STERN ᾿97) and Harry Pang (STERN ᾿97)

Parent-Child Home Program

Elena and Matteo Pellegrini

Frank C. Perry (DEN ᾿93)

Todd Phillips (TSOA ᾿94)

Robert Piemonte

Vincent Leone and May Della Pietra

Eve Pollack (WSC ᾿46, STERN ᾿48)

The Polonsky Foundation

Lester Poon (STERN ᾿90)

Joyce D. Portnoy (WSC ᾿50)

Anne L. Poulet (IFA ᾿70)

Prudential Foundation

Mary Lou and Joe Quinlan (GSAS ᾿13)

Rauch Foundation

Jörn Rausing

Sigrid Rausing Trust

Lauri and Larry Regan

Rheumatology Research Foundation

Ellen J. Schapps Richman (STERN ᾿79)

Nancy Cohen Roberts

Robin Hood Foundation

Mary Jo and Brian Rogers

Liza Vismanos and Randy Rosen

The Roth Family Foundation

Margret Sander

The Sassoon Family Foundation

John Schaefer (POLY ᾿55)

William C. Schmidt, Jr.

Schultz Family Foundation

Harvey Schwartz

Elinor Seevak (SSSW ᾿85)

Donna and Robert Shafir

Mamak Shahbazi and William LoPinto

Sam Shahid

Fred Shapiro (WSC ᾿71)

John E. Sherman MD (WSC ᾿72)

Shubert Foundation, Inc.

Paul Singer

Mary Genevieve and Alok Singh (WSC ᾿74, STERN ᾿75)

Jennifer Sklias-Gahan (WSC ᾿95)

Straumann U.S.A.

Kathryn and Daniel Sullivan Jr.

The Swartz Foundation

Melanie Chia-Yu Sze

Arlene and Irving Tashlick (POLY ᾿53, ᾿58) 

The Teagle Foundation

Anastasia (STERN ᾿83, ᾿89) and Christ Economos, and 

Effie and John Thomopoulos (STERN ᾿84, ᾿86)

Carol Tosone (SSSW ᾿93)

Linda and John Tus

Patricia Valoon

Visra Vichit-Vadakan (TSOA ᾿13) and Christopher Cox

Alicia and Norman Volk

The Wallace Foundation

Johanette Wallerstein Institute

Nancy Wender (SSSW ᾿96)

Lisa Wexler DDS

Chestnut Holdings of New York, Inc.

Alyson and Gunner Winston (CAS ᾿99, WAG ᾿99)

Wei  and Bing-Le Wu

Dr. Eric Zafran (IFA ᾿69, ᾿73)

Charlotte and Dale Zand (STERN ᾿49, ᾿54)

Constantina (STERN ᾿87, ᾿89) and Elias (WSC ᾿85) Zias 

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