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The Sir Harold Acton Society

The Sir Harold Acton Society, established in 1995, commemorates an extraordinary man whose legacy is a shining example of visionary leadership and worldwide impact. Sir Harold believed that La Pietra, his beloved Tuscan estate in Florence, Italy, should serve for all time as a major center for students and scholars associated with a great university. He bequeathed La Pietra, with its priceless treasures, to New York University to benefit future generations of students and scholars.

In recognition of this most splendid gift, the University created the Sir Harold Acton Society to honor its most prestigious circle of benefactors. These donors, who have made gifts of one million dollars or more, truly uphold a tradition of the highest level of intellectual patronage. The medal granted to members acknowledges their outstanding leadership and dedication to NYU.

New members of the Sir Harold Acton Society are honored for their exemplary role in shaping the future of the University. Through their support, these exceptional benefactors ensure New York University's continued tradition of innovation and accomplishment. In recognition of their outstanding generosity, new members were inducted at the Sir Harold Acton Society’s invitation-only annual dinner in spring 2017.

In addition to the annual dinner, members of the Sir Harold Acton Society receive an engraved medal, the option to be recognized on the Sir Harold Acton Society plaque located in the NYU Center for Academic and Spiritual Life, and special invitations to NYU events on campus and around the world. There are currently more than 400 members of the Acton Society.

Sir Harold Acton Society Members

100 Women in Hedge Funds

Abbott Laboratories

*Manlio G. Abele

Abramson Family Foundation

The After-School Corporation

The Agnew Foundation

Tania Ahuja (STERN '01)

*Katherine W. (SSSW ’72) and Howard J. Aibel

Beny and Adele Alagem

James Allard

The H. Alpert Family

Altria Group, Inc.

Amelior Foundation

American Cancer Society, Inc.

American Heart Association

The American Nurses Association

The American Nurses Foundation

Julie and Dwight Anderson

The Annenberg Foundation

*Carl and Iris Barrel Apfel


Tristan John M. Argenti (WSC ’59, GSAS ’60)

Michael R. Armellino (STERN ’63)

The Aronson Family Foundation

Jacqueline Stahl Aronson

Timur Artemyev

Arthur Ashman


Auxiliary of NYU Langone Medical Center

Avon Foundation for Women

*Glenn W. Bailey

The Alec Baldwin Foundation, Inc.

The Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Ellen Banner

Timothy and Michele Barakett Foundation

Phyllis Putter Barasch (STERN ’81)

The Pearl Barlow Foundation, Inc.

Nancy and Edward Barr (STERN ’57)

Jhumki Basu Foundation

Saida (MED ’66) and Sherwood (MED ’66) Baxt

The Bear Stearns Charitable Foundation Inc.

Diane Belfer

Marc (SPS ’89) and Ruti Bell

Robert Bell (STERN ’61)

Gary A. Beller (LAW ’63, ’71)

Deborah C. Benjamin

*Larry Bentson Family

*Dr. Eberhard Berent

Evelyn Berezin (WSC ’46)

Susan (WSC ’67) and Bruce (STERN ’66) Berger

William R. (STERN ’66) and Marjorie J. Berkley

Alan (LAW ’63, ’68) and Renee Berlin

Steffi Berne (WSC ’63)

Alan and Carol Bernon

Richard A. (ARTS ’68) and Amelia Bernstein

Edward H. Bersoff (WSC ’62, CIMS ’64, STEINHARDT ’68)

Bickel & Brewer Foundation

*Ira E. Bilson (STERN ’53, LAW ’55)

Sheila Lubetsky Birnbaum (LAW ’65)

Thor Bjorgolfsson
(STERN ’91)

Blackstone Charitable Foundation

Sidney (ENG ’49) and Frances Blank

Blavatnik Family Foundation

Jean Blechman

The Jacob Bleibtreu Foundation

The Elmer and Mamdouha Bobst Foundation, Inc.

*Mamdouha S. Bobst


David (LAW ’67) and Mary Boies

Bonomi Foundation

Leonard Boxer (STERN ’60, LAW ’63)

George Braff (LAW ’67)

William B. and Jane Eisner (SSSW PhD ’00) Bram

The Peter and Inge Brasseler Foundation, Inc.

Brine Family Charitable Trust

Murray (LAW ’59) and Kathleen Delaney Bring

Daniel (WAG ’70) and Estrellita (IFA ’09) Brodsky

Clarissa (GALLATIN ’96) and Edgar Bronfman, Jr.

*Edgar M. Bronfman, Sr. (HON ’97)

Matthew Bronfman

*Sidney J. Brown (LAW ’42)

Claire H. Brunner (STEINHARDT ’61) and Calvin R. “Charles” Brunner

Walter W. Buckley, Jr. (STERN ’59)

Caja de Ahorros y Monte de Piedad de Madrid

Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Foundation

Iris Cantor

King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center Foundation of New York University

Carnegie Corporation of New York

Arthur L. Carter

*Leon H. Charney

Charles Chen (STERN ’91)

Kathryn (LAW ’80) and Kenneth (HON ’03) Chenault

Harry G. Chernoff (STERN ’68, ’85) and Elena Gretch Chernoff (STERN ’98)

*James R. Cherry

Evan (ARTS ’70, LAW ’75) and Barbara Chesler

CITGO Petroleum Corporation

Citigroup Foundation

CJM Foundation

Rosemary A. Clemens, PhD

Clifford Chance US LLP

Fundación Coca-Cola España

The Coca-Cola Foundation

Maureen and Marshall S. Cogan

The Lynne Cohen Foundation

Steven and Alexandra Cohen Foundation

Jerry L. Cohen (STERN ’53, ’59)

Muriel and Kenneth Cohen (STERN ’48)

Baukje and Noel Cohen (ARTS ’51)

The Pevaroff Cohn Family Foundation

*Seymour Cohn

Mrs. Jerome S. Coles (WSC ’38)

Isabel E. Collins

Colton Family Foundation

Chris J. Columbus (TSOA ’80)

William T. Comfort, III (LAW ’94, ’99)

*Honorable Charles S. Conley ’55 and Ellen J. Conley

Jon S. Corzine Foundation

John (STERN ’52, LAW ’55, ’62) and Diane Creedon

Carlton B. Crenshaw (STERN ’71)

The Cukier-Goldstein-Goren Foundation

Gerald P. (DEN ’83) and Georgia Curatola

Cynvec, LLC

Filomen M. D’Agostino Foundation Corp.

*Filomen M. D’Agostino (LAW ’20)

Werner Dannheisser Testamentary Trust

Clive J. Davis Foundation

Ann and Helmut Dederding

S. David Deitcher (WSC ’71, IFA ’77)

John Desmarais (LAW ’88)

The Aaron Diamond Foundation, Inc.

The Dolan Family Foundations

Elizabeth K. Dollard Charitable Trust

Christina & Robert Dow Foundation

Stanley F. and Fiona B. Druckenmiller

Gale (STEINHARDT ’72) and Ira (TANDON ’73) Drukier

Dysautonomia Foundation, Inc.

Joel (LAW ’61, ’63) and Anne (IFA ’83) Ehrenkranz

Rhona and Frank Ehrlich

*Edith K. Ehrman

Norman Eig

*Alvin H. and Joan R. Einbender

*Abraham and Nan Ellis

Ellison Medical Foundation

Susanne and Martin Ellman (STERN ’63)

*Robert Hatfield Ellsworth (WSC ’38)

Alfred B. (LAW ’65, TANDON ’65, ’67) and Gail Engelberg

Thomas J. Errico, M.D.

Eric and Salome Estorick Foundation

*Ruth L. Farkas (WSC ’28, STEINHARDT ’58)

Fascitelli Family Foundation

Carol J. Feinberg

Norman M. Feinberg (STERN ’56)

*Alvin Jay Feldman (WSC ’29, LAW ’31) and Bernice Feldman

Jonathan (DEN ’71, ’84) and Maxine Ferencz

Jill and Frank Fertitta, III

Teresa and Lorenzo Fertitta (STERN '93)

Barry K. (STERN ’69) and Pamela J. Fingerhut

Laurence and Lori Fink

Stuart and Tamara Fisher

William E. Flaherty

*Joseph and *Claire Flom

Phylis P. Fogelson

The Ford Foundation

Helene (STERN ’53) and *Alan (STERN ’53, LAW ’55, ’74) Fortunoff

Paul E. Francis (LAW ’80) and Titia E. Hulst (WSC ’85, GSAS ’87, IFA ’94)

The Family of *Doris C. and *Alan J. Freedman

The Freeman Foundation

Fribourg Family Foundation

Gerald J. and Dorothy R. Friedman New York Foundation for Medical Research

Louis P. and Patrice S. Friedman

Alan L. Fuchsberg (LAW ’79)

*Shirley and *Jacob D. Fuchsberg

The Helene Fuld Health Trust, HSBC Bank USA, Trustee

Fundación Ramón Areces

Gail Furman (SSSW ’68, STEINHARDT ’85)

*Jay Furman (STERN ’65, LAW ’71)

H. Paul Gabriel (MED ’60)

*Joseph (STERN ’49) and *Charlotte Gardner

*Michael Gardner

The Gatsby Charitable Foundation

*Kenneth Geist and David Kaufman

Genzyme Corporation

Mark and Paulette Geragos

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

The J. Paul Getty Trust

Nomi Ghez (GSAS ’76, STERN ’81)

Andrea Giambrone (WSC ’63)

The Howard Gilman Foundation

The Anne and Eric Gleacher Foundation

*Lewis (STERN ’51) and Loretta Brennan Glucksman

The Goizueta Foundation

*Herbert Z. Gold (LAW ’40)

Bradley L. Goldberg (STERN ’68)

Rita and *Burton Goldberg

Goldman Sachs

*Arnold (STERN ’53) and Arlene Goldstein

Alexander and Brooke Goren

*Virginia Gorodnitzki

Trudy Elbaum Gottesman and Robert W. Gottesman

Alexander Gould (STERN ’64, ’69)

Cathy and Stephen Graham

Mindy and Jon Gray

Phyllis Green and Randolph Cowen

*Arnold Greenberg

*Jocelyn A. Greenidge (NUR ’75)

Stanley Greenwood, Jr. (STERN ’72)

Ronald (STERN ’58, LAW ’62) and Marilynn Grossman

Grupo Endesa

Jay Grunin (LAW '67) and Linda Kalmanowitz Grunin (LAW '67)

The Honorable Frank J. Guarini (LAW ’50, ’55)

Guess? Foundation

Jean-Paul Gut

Sarina W. Gwirtzman

George E. Hall

Stephen (LAW ’62) and Elly Hammerman

The Harkness Foundation for Dance

J. Ira and Nicki Harris Family Foundation, Inc.

The John A. Hartford Foundation

Hasbro Children’s Foundation

Hassenfeld Family Foundation

The Haugland Family Foundation, Inc.

*Agnese Nelms Haury

Rita E. and Gustave M. Hauser

William Randolph Hearst Foundation

The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust

H. Dale (WSC ’67) and Elizabeth (TSOA ’03) Hemmerdinger

Henry Schein, Inc.

Judith Marie Hersh

Roger and Susan Hertog

Carl J. Herzog Foundation, Inc.

The John E. Herzog Family

Edythe and *George Heyman (STERN ’38)

Hintze Family Charitable Foundation

Irma T. Hirschl Trust

Timothy Hoare

Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.

Joan and *Dan Holmes (STERN ’64, ’65)

*Ruth S. Horowitz (STEINHARDT ’34, ’38)

Mrs. Fumiko Hosoda

Alan Howard

Ming Chu Hsu (STERN ’89)

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Human Behavior Foundation

Hyundai Motor America

Iberdrola, S.A.

IBM Corporation

Arthur E. Imperatore

Independence Foundation

Intimate Apparel Square Club, Inc.

J.P. Morgan Chase and Co.

Kathy and Mitchell Jacobson (LAW ’76)

Jacobson Family Charitable Foundation

William and Susan Jaffe

The Japan Foundation

The Jacob K. Javits Foundation, Inc. Marian B. Javits

Elizabeth B. Dater Jennings and William Mitchell Jennings, Jr. (ARTS ’68)

Michael and Linda Jesselson (STERN ’91)

Dr. Ping Jiang and Ms. Yibing Guan

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Boris (WSC ’88) and Elizabeth (CAS ’93) Jordan

Gretchen and Jay Jordan

Joseph E. Seagram and Sons Inc. Fund

Jim Joseph Foundation

William H. Joyce (STERN ’71, ’84)

*Irving H. (WSC ’26) and *Mae W. Jurow

*Howard (ARTS ’36) and *Grace Kahn

John and Elaine Kanas Family Foundation

Maurice Kanbar

Lyn (GSAS ’63) and Gilbert (LAW ’63, ’73) Kapelman

The Rita J. and Stanley H. Kaplan Foundation

Candace Karu

Stuart E. Karu

Stuart Katz (LAW ’68) and Dr. Jane Martin (WSC ’82, STEINHARDT ’01)

Henry Kaufman (ARTS ’48, STERN ’58, HON ’82)

W.M. Keck Foundation

The Kellar Family Foundation

Martha and George A. Kellner (STERN ’73)

W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Jerome H. Kern (LAW ’60)

Edward M. (ENG ’74, STERN ’75) and Maxine Kerschner

The Hagop Kevorkian Fund

Kia Motors America

KiDS of NYU Foundation, Inc.

Helen and *Martin Kimmel

Charles D. Klein (LAW ’63)

Jennifer and David Ko (STERN '93)

David H. Koch

Andre J.L. Koo (STERN ’94)

Ellan and Murray Koppelman

*Margaret Strauss Kramer (GSAS ’45)

*Abraham (STERN ’50) and *Julienne Krasnoff

Marie-Josée and Henry R. Kravis Foundation

The Kresge Foundation

*David B. Kriser (LAW ’28)

James and Marjorie Kuhn

C & S Kushner Foundation, Inc.

Nicole Kushner Meyer (CAS ’04, WAG ’06) and Joseph Meyer

Jared Kushner (LAW ’07, STERN ’07)

Jerry H. Labowitz (GALLATIN ’78)

Joseph and Shirley Lacchia Charitable Remainder Trust

Warren and Kathleen Lammert

Jerry and Gloria Landsberg

*H. Thomas Langbert

Kenneth G. (STERN ’60) and Elaine Langone

Sidney and Ruth Lapidus

Marc and Cathy Lasry

*Mitchell Leaska (STEINHARDT ’68)

Leah (GSAS ’85) and Alain Lebec

Nancy Chang Lee (IFA '89)

Dalia and Larry Leeds

Reuben (STERN ’75, LAW ’79) and Jane (STEINHARDT ’71) Leibowitz

Mark (ARTS ’66) and Debra Leslie

*Janice H. Levin

Bernard B. Levine (MED ’54)

Naomi B. Levine

Sloan N. Lindemann (LAW ’93)

Jan Linhart, D.D.S. (DEN ’79) and Ellen Linhart

*Leonard I. Linkow (DEN ’52)

Kenneth and Evelyn Lipper Foundation

Leonard Litwin

Zhi Liu and Hong Fu

*David S. Loeb (STERN ’51)

*John L. Loeb (HON ’86)

The Frederick Loewe Foundation, Inc.

Paul Lott

Pier and George Lowy (WSC ’53, LAW ’55)

The Henry Luce Foundation, Inc.

Lui & Wan Foundation

Helen and Rita Lurie Foundation

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Kelly (STERN ’02) and Stephen Mack

*Otto and Ilse Mainzer

Making Headway Foundation, Inc.

*Bernard (STERN ’40) and Chris Marden

Donald and Catie Marron

Patricia M. and Robert H. Martinsen

Marvel Entertainment

Louis Marx, Jr.

Strive Masiyiwa

G. Harold and Leila Y. Mathers Foundation

Oki Matsumoto

Sir Deryck and Lady Va Maughan

Rosana Sgarlata Mazzia

*Professor Erline Perkins McGriff

Ilse Melamid

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

*Bernard H. Mendik

Vivian and Edward Merrin

Sandra and Edward Meyer

Howard M. Meyers (STERN ’64)

Microsoft Corporation

Alexander M. Mikhailov (WSC ’84, DEN ’88)

Lester S. Miller and Kathleen V. Miller

Philip (STERN ’74) and Cheryl Milstein

Michael Minick

Julie and Edward J. Minskoff

Ronald L. Moelis (LAW ’82) and Kerry Sperling

Peter Mok and Min Sun

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

The Darla Moore Foundation

David K.A. Mordecai (STERN ’87) and Samantha Kappagoda

Henry and Lucy Moses Fund

David J. Murphy

Thomas and *Suzanne Murphy

Muscular Dystrophy Association, Inc.


Valeria (CAS '90) and Gregorio Napoleone

NEC Corporation

The Daniel M. Neidich and Brooke Garber Neidich Foundation

James M. Neissa and Janet Riha Neissa

*Dorothy and Mark Nelkin

The New York Community Trust

New York Networks for School Renewal

Pauline Newman (LAW ’58)

*June A. Newmark

Nobel Biocare

The Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.

Ira S. Nordlicht (LAW ’72) and Professor Helen Scott

Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Foundation, Inc.

*Morton Nyman (STERN ’54)

NYU Bankruptcy and Business Reorganization Workshop

Doris M. Ohlsen (STEINHARDT ’57)

Theodore and Arline Ohlstein

John M. Olin Foundation, Inc

Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation

Open Heart

Open Society Institute

*Dwight D. Opperman

The Bernard Osher Foundation

Kenshin Oshima

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation

The Daniel P. and Nancy C. Paduano Foundation

Maddalena Paggi-Mincione (CAS '96, IFA '98, IFA PhD '05) and Raffaele Mincione

Norma Z. Paige (WSC ’44, LAW ’46)

John (STERN ’78) and Jenny Paulson

Doris and Martin Payson (LAW ’61)

Yachao Peng

Amy (WSC ’76) and Joseph R. Perella

Ronald O. Perelman

Laura and Isaac Perlmutter

Wayne M. Perry (LAW ’76)

Carroll and Milton Petrie Foundation

The Pew Charitable Trusts

Pfizer Foundation, Inc.

Pfizer Inc.

Philips Medical Systems

Robert W. Pittman

Muriel (STEINHARDT ’43) and *Virginia Pless

Albert Podell (LAW ’76)

Geri and *Lester Pollack (LAW ’57)

Carter Pottash

Roys Poyiadjis

Price Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies, Inc.

Michael F. Price

Vivian G. Prins Foundation

The Eugene C. Pulliam Second Trust

David D. Pustilnik (STERN ’52, LAW ’58, ’59)

*Chris (LAW ’82) and Traci Quackenbush

*Audrey P. Rabinowitz (WSC ’44)

Stewart J. Rahr (ARTS ’67)

Morton Williams Supermarkets

The Dina and Raphael Recanati Family Foundation

Michael Recanati and Ira J. Statfeld

George E. Reed, M.D. (MED ’51)

Catherine A. Rein (LAW ’68)

Bonnie (ARTS ’67, LAW ’69) and Richard (LAW ’69) Reiss

Ingeborg and Ira Leon Rennert (STERN ’56)

Research to Prevent Blindness, Inc.

Charles H. Revson Foundation, Inc.

Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation

The Rice Family Foundation

*Martin Richards

Richman Family Foundation

The Riklis Family Foundation, Inc.

Ellen and James Riley

Florence and Joseph Ritorto

The Rockefeller Foundation

Beverly and Rodger Rohde

Gerald Rosenfeld (ENG ’73) and Judith Zarin

Robert Rosenkranz

The Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Foundation

Dr. Larry W. Rosenthal (DEN ’72)

Jamie (STERN ’84) and Laura Rosenwald

Pat and John Rosenwald

Nicole S. Ross (GSAS ’08, NUR ’14)

Laurie and Eric Roth (LAW ’77)

*Vincent J. Rotondo, CPA (STERN ’57)

Herbert Rubin (LAW ’42) and Rose Luttan Rubin (LAW ’42)

Helena Rubinstein Foundation, Inc.

May and Samuel Rudin Foundation, Inc.

The Louis and Rachel Rudin Foundation, Inc.

*Jack and Susan Rudin

Franck A. Ruimy (STERN '02)

Steve and Judy Rushmore (STERN ’06)

Dr. Gary J. Ruth

*Mortimer D. Sackler, M.D. (ARTS ’36)

Raymond (ARTS ’38) and Beverly Sackler

Edmond J. Safra Foundation

Lily Safra

*William R. and *Virginia F. Salomon

Sani Family Foundation

Banco Santander

The Sanwa Bank, Limited

Stewart A. Satter (STERN ’82)

Lola and Leonard Schack Foundation

The Morris and Alma Schapiro Fund

The Scharf Family

S. H. and Helen R. Scheuer Family Foundation

Dorothy Schiff Foundation

*Joseph Schlackman

*James Schlesinger (HON ’76)

*Louis A. (GSAS ’35, MED ’40) and Anne B. Schneider

Alan and Nancy Schwartz

The Arnold and Marie Schwartz Fund

Bernard and Irene Schwartz

The Beatrice and Samuel A. Seaver Foundation

Mikhail and Sofia Segal

*Jan S. Seidman


Servier S.A.S.

*Devendra V. Shah

Shanghai HITIME Real Estate (Group) Co., Ltd.

The Peter Jay Sharp Foundation

Monique E. Sheft (WSC ’53, STEINHARDT ’67)

Cynthia and Bruce Sherman

*Bette Sholtz

*Peggy I. Sholtz

Beverly and Arthur Shorin (STERN ’58)

Eugene Shvidler

*William and *Sylvia Silberstein

*The Julius Silver Family

Constance Silver (SSSW ’78, ’79)

Henry R. Silverman

Larry (ARTS ’52) and Klara Silverstein

Arnold H. Simon Family Foundation Inc.

The Herbert Simon Family Foundation

Flo and Warren Sinsheimer (LAW ’57)

The Skirball Foundation

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Joan and *Max Smedresman

Mr. and Mrs. Joel E. Smilow

John Ben Snow Memorial Trust

*Harold Snyder

The Sohn Conference Foundation

*Margaret and *Herman Sokol

Sheldon H. Solow

Sony Corporation of America

*Martin Spatz, M.D.

Frank Cole Spencer

*Dr. Ursula Springer

St. Jude Medical

S. Sigmund Stahl

Paul A. Stanford, Jr.

Robert E. Stansky (STERN ’83)

The Starr Foundation

William C. Steere, Jr.

Deanie and Jay Stein (STERN ’65)

Joseph S. (ARTS ’66) and Diane H. Steinberg

Judy and Michael H. Steinhardt

Leonard N. Stern (STERN ’57, ’59)

Joyce and Daniel Straus (LAW ’81)

Peter (LAW ’73) and Eileen (LAW ’74) Sudler

Sun Microsystems, Inc.

*Abraham Sunshine

Ellen and Stephen Susman

Fundación Tabacalera, S.A.

Adam Taki (GAL ’06, GSAS ’08)

Chandrika K. Tandon

Paul P. Tanico, Esq. (STERN ’77)

Peggy and David Tanner (LAW ’84)

Edwardine and Frank Tasco (WSC ’49)

The Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation

Team Continuum Inc.

Telefónica de España, S.A.

Thomas H. Lee and Ann Tenenbaum

Texaco Inc.

Louis B. Thalheimer (LAW ’69)

Thaw Charitable Trust

Allen Thorpe

The Tikvah Fund

Daniel R. and Bonnie J. Tisch (STERN ’76)

*Laurence A. Tisch and *Preston Robert Tisch and their families

Alice M. and Thomas J. Tisch (LAW ’79)

Tokyo Broadcasting System, Inc.

Toppeta Family Foundation

Toyota Motor Corporation

Gerald Tsai Foundation

Sandra and Howard Tytel (LAW ’71)

United Hospital Fund of New York

Richard W. Vague

Jean-Paul Vallès (STERN ’67)

*Benjamin L. Van Duuren, Sc.D.

Gopal Varadhan Memorial Foundation

Variety-The Children’s Charity

Verizon Communications

*Lillian Vernon

Jan T. and Marica Vilcek

Anthony, John, and Marc Viscogliosi (CAS ’99)

John L. Vogelstein

Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz

Svetlana and Herbert M. Wachtell (ARTS ’52, LAW ’54)

Leonard Wagner Charitable Trust

*Phyllis Cerf Wagner

David C. and Jane Z. Walentas (STEINHARDT ’85)

Wenliang Wang

The Wasserman Foundation

*Edie and *Lew R. Wasserman

*Bruce Wasserstein

Phoebe Dent Weil (IFA ’66)

Alan G. Weiler

Richard (LAW ’67) and Judy Weill

*Dr. and *Mrs. Samuel Weinberg

Leonard M. Weintraub (STERN ’42, LAW ’45)

Melvyn (LAW ’59) and Barbara (STEINHARDT ’59) Weiss

Raymond A. (STEINHARDT ’49) and Rosalee G. (STEINHARDT ’55, ’60) Weiss

JoAnn G. Wellner

Anthony (LAW ’77) and Beatrice Welters

*Leon Levy and Shelby White

The Whitehead Charitable Foundation

Leonard A. Wilf (LAW ’77)

Mark (LAW ’87) and Jane Wilf

Willner Family Foundation

The Oprah Winfrey Foundation

*George (WSC ’38, DEN ’42) and Ann Witkin

*Rose and *Charles Wohlstetter

Arthur L. Wolf (WSC ’51)

Robert F. Wright (STERN ’51)

Martin J. (STERN ’61) and Pamela L. Wygod

Peggy Yu Yu (STERN ’92)

Zegar Family Foundation

Steven Zelin (STERN '91)

*Mariuccia Zerilli-Marimò

Annie XQ Zhang and Edward KC Cheung

Arthur (GSAS ’41, MED ’45) and *Charlotte M. (WSC ’39, MED ’43) Zitrin

Qiurong Lijuan Rachel Zou

Mortimer B. Zuckerman


List as of May 19, 2017

Sir Harold Acton Society classes of 2015-2016 with Chairman of the Board, William R. Berkley and President Andrew Hamilton at the Acton Society Induction dinner held in April 2017 in New York City.

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