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The Millennial Student

A National Symposium
Spring 2007
Serving the Millennial Student: How Far Should we Go?

Excerpts from the plenary panel, featuring Michael D. Coomes, Bowling Green State University.

Serving the Millennial Student: How Far Should we Go?

Excerpts from the plenary panel, featuring JoNes R. VanHecke, Central College.

Rethinking Diversity: The Millennial Student Project

Excerpts from the second-day Keynote Address, featuring Lynette Cook Francis and Melissa Ousley, University of Arizona.

Instructional Teachnology: Are Professors Keeping Pace With the Millennial Students?

Excerpts from a presentation by Cathy Griffin-Famble, Winston-Salem State University

The Millennial Student and Technology: Insatiable Quest or Part of a Reliable Pattern in History?

Excerpts from a presentation by Myna German, Delaware State University.

Familiarity Breeds Misconception? Information Technology Savvy Millennials Show Surprising Information Literacy Skill Deficits

Excerpts from presentations by Mary Ann Trail and Leslie Gutierrez, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.

Copyright Implications for Online Distance Education

Excerpts from a presentation by Audrey Wolfson Latourette, J.D., Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. Excerpts from Audrey Wolfson Lautourette, "Copyright Implications for Online Distance Education," 32 The Journal of College and University Law 613-654 (2006). Copyright 2006 by The National Association of College and University Attorneys and The Notre Dame Law School.

Biology Curriculum for the Millennial Student at UPR-Rio Piedras

Excerpts from a presentation by Michelle Borrero, University of Puerto Rico- Rio Piedras Campus.

Teaching Millennial Science Students in the (Bio)Informatics Age

Excerpts from presentations by Mark Maloney, Ikhide Imumorin and Cynthia Bauerle, Spelman College.

Bridging the Gap: Popular Culture as a Tool for Reaching New Millennial Students; Communicating Through Visual Art and VIsual Literacy

Excerpts from a presentation by Hasaan Kirkland, Johnson C. Smith University.

Using Hip Hop Culture to Motivate Millennial Students

Excerpts from presentations by Jon A. Yasin, Bergen Community College; Constance Chapman, Clark Atlanta University; Sherrise Truesdale, Minnesota State University; and Neal Howard, Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Millennial African American Entrepreneurs: Developing Appropriate Campus Learning Strategies

Excerpts from presentations by Thomas W. Garsombke, Claflin University; Gewn Hanks, Claflin University; Diane J. Prince, Troy University; and Mario J. Zaino, Claflin University.

The Impact of Globalism on the Millennial Student

Excerpts from presentations by Pamela Holland Obiomon, Prairie View A&M University; Alfred Holland, Alcatel USA; Virginia Tickles, NASA; and Shirley Holland-Hunt, NASA.

The Mental Health of College Students: Challenges, Obstacles, and Solutions

Excerpts from a presentation by Nilda E. Hernandez, The College of New Rochelle.

Non-cognitive Experiences, Mental Helath, and Academic Progress

Excerpts from a presentation by Dorothy Valle, The College of New Rochelle.

The Millennial Students in a Time of Crisis

Excerpts from a presentation by Thomas Bonner, Jr., Xavier University of Louisiana.

The Millennial Generation: Who Cares?

Excerpts from a presentation by Patricia M. Carey, New York University.

A Millennial Student Perspective: Comparing and Contrasting the Native American Millennial Student

Excerpts from a presentation by David M. Gipp, United Tribes Technical College. Prepared by: Harriett Skye, United Tribes Technical College.

The Evolution of Student Culture in the Millennial Generation: 'Teaching to Transgress'

Excerpts from a presentation by Sharon D. Raynor, Johnson C. Smith University.

Implementing Brian-Based Learning to Enhance Student Performance

Excerpts from a presentation by Timothy Moore, Clark Atlanta University.

Meeting the Millennial Generation Halfway: Reconceptualizing Faculty Work

Excerpts from a presentation by Laura L. Behling, Gustavus Adolphus College.

Engaging the Millennial Student: A Conversation about Philosophy, Theory, and Pedagogy

Excerpts from presentations by Sonia V. Gonsalves and Tim Haresign, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.

Millennials: Challenges and Implications to Higher Education

Excerpts from presentations by Beatriz Rivera and Maribel Huertas, University of Puerto Rico, Business School.

From the Executive Director

Today’s college students are often referred to as “the Millennials,” a generation characterized by some as self-absorbed, attention-deficit-disordered, digital addicts who disrespect authority and assume that they can control what, when, and how they learn, and by others as smart, self-assured, technology wizards, who follow the rules, and who are on their way to becoming the powerhouse generation. Clearly, this is a generation like no other, and that has posed an entirely new set of challenges both in and out of the classroom for faculty members and administrators alike.

How do we, as educators and administrators, respond to this generation?How do we address the unique learning needs of the Millennial student? What are our moral and legal responsibilities in addressing the myriad issues these students face?

In November 2006 faculty members and other representatives of Faculty Resource Network institutions addressed these questions and issues during a national symposium on "The Millennial Student ," hosted by the University of the Sacred Heart and the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This symposium offered an opportunity for faculty members and administrators to consider the implications of this critically important topic.

In this fourth issue of our online NETWORK: A Journal of Faculty Development, we present excerpts from a number of the presentations that were delivered during that symposium.

Debra M. Szybinski
Executive Director, Faculty Resource Network