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How to Apply

Application Procedures

Each year, the Faculty Resource Network accepts applications from faculty members who are interested in being a University Associate for the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. The application may be completed on our website. Please note the due dates listed on the application. Applications received after the submission deadline for one semester will be held over until the following semester.

Each application must be accompanied by a brief narrative outlining the intent of their scholarly activity or their curricular development plan, along with current curriculum vitae. The proposal must describe the research or curriculum development that would be advanced by the Associate's tenure at NYU. It should also indicate specific ways in which the faculty member would benefit as a scholar and a teacher, and ways which the project would enhance the academic life of the home institution. Once an application is completed online, an email will be sent to your institution's Liaison Officer for approval.

Please note the deadlines on the application form. Applications received after the due date, or not complete by the due date, will be held over until the following semester. For University Associates wishing to renew their participation in this program, a brief outline of project status and university resources used must be sent to the Liaison Officer and copied to the Faculty Resource Network offices before the renewal of privileges can be processed.

Application Deadline
  • Friday, September 16, 2016 for the Spring 2017 term (Monday, January 23, 2017 - Friday, May 12, 2017).

Applicants may apply for one or more semesters listed. However, continued library and course auditing access will be renewed only upon receipt of the report on the previous semester's activities. Should your application be received after the deadline for the semester requested, it will be processed for the following semester.

Which term(s) are you applying for | Multiple terms may be selected. Please see above for details.

Summer 2016 Term

Fall 2016 Term

Spring 2017 Term


Name (first/mi/last)

Gender   Male   Female





School Address

School City/State/Zip   

School Phone

School Fax

Home Address

Home City/State/Zip   

Home Phone

Home Fax



I would like to audit a course:  Yes   No

A course audit information form will be sent to you via email upon your acceptance into the program.


Please provide a 500-word narrative outlining the research or curricular development plans that you intend to pursue during your tenure as a University Associate.

Curriculum Vitae

Please provide a text-only copy of your curriculum vitae.

Network Liaison Officer Approval

Please select your institution's Network Liaison. After completing this form, an email will be sent to this person requesting their digital signature. Your application will be complete once this digital signature is received.


To facilitate the processing of your application, please make sure that you have completed the checklist below. I have:

I completely filled out this University Associate application form.
I provided a brief narrative (one-page) outlining the research or curricular
development plans that I intend to pursue during my tenure as a University
I included my curriculum vitae.

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