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Frequently Asked Questions

by Semester Scholar-in-Residence Participants
Semester Scholar-in-Residence
Internet, Computer and Library Access
Travel to NYU



I would really like to audit a course that's being offered during my time here. Can I do that? Semester Scholars-in-Residence may audit one course during their time at NYU, pending the permission of the course instructor. Upon acceptance to the program, the Faculty Resource Network staff will be in touch concerning course audit request procedures.


Will I have internet access? Your NYU ID will allow you internet access. You may bring your own laptop or use terminals available for this purpose in Bobst Library.

Will I have computer access to do word-processing type work? All Faculty Resource Network Scholars-in-Residence will have access to the NYU Academic Computer Facility (ACF) computer laboratories, located throughout the campus. Information regarding location and hours of operation will be distributed during the orientation meeting. Staff assistance, software documentation, and additional guidelines and procedures are available at each location.

Additionally, the Microcomputer Center, located on Sub-level B of the Elmer Holmes Bobst Library, offers IBM compatible and Macintosh microcomputers for use by NYU constituents. Scholars may also bring laptops to the library.

Will I have access to the NYU libraries? Network Scholars have reading and borrowing privileges at the Elmer Holmes Bobst Library, one of the largest open-stack research libraries in the world. Pamphlets explaining the library's hours of operation and various research tools are included in this welcome packet. To use the library, Scholars must present their NYU Identification Card in the front lobby.

Aside from the volumes of books, periodicals and documents available at Bobst and other NYU libraries, there are electronic and printed sources in Bobst that can link you to other libraries and collections in New York City. These sources include the catalogs in book form of the Research Libraries and of the Branch Library System of the New York Public Library (NYPL), the National Union Catalog, and the Union List of Serials/New Series Titles. The Research Libraries Information Network (RLIN), a computer catalog available at Bobst Library Reference Centers or from locations outside the library by personal account, contains information from the computerized catalogs from over 100 member libraries, including the books and periodicals catalogued at the NYPL Research Libraries and by the Columbia University Libraries in the last 15 or so years.

NYU has cooperative borrowing arrangements with numerous New York City and university libraries. Please consult the NYU catalog or the Elmer Holmes Bobst Library web-site for a complete listing of libraries in the City and for those that hold cooperative reading and borrowing agreements with the University.

For more information on NYU Libraries, please visit


Who is eligible for accommodations in the NYU campus housing? Accommodations may be provided to those Scholars residing more than 50 miles from New York City. Housing accommodations are based on availability.

Please indicate clearly in your application that you are requesting housing during your residency. Please do not assume that you have received housing unless you receive specific notification from us by email.

Will I have wireless connection in my room? Wireless service in unavailable to short term NYU guests or scholars. There are various on campus locations where internet service is available.

Will I have phone service in my room? Yes, you will have local phone service in your room. Please bring a calling card for long-distance service. You may wish to bring your cellular phone with you to ensure that you can be reached.

Will I have voice-mail in my room? Yes, voicemail will be available. Since your in-room telephone number is available only shortly before your arrival, we encourage you to bring your cellular phone for urgent calls.

If I need to receive mail or a fax, what address can I use? If you are a Scholar-in-Residence, your mail can be sent directly to you at your NYU apartment. You will receive your apartment assignment close to your arrival date. Faxes may be sent to the Faculty Resource Network (212) 995-4101. Faxes may be collected during office hours. As an alternative, participants may consider signing up for a free e-fax service such as that offered by Faxes sent to a number assigned to the user will be forwarded to the user's e-mail box.

What personal items should I bring with me to the Semester Scholar-in-Residence program? We encourage you to consider bringing your own toiletries and towels as well. Also, please consider bringing a sweater or coat in case of a temperature drop.

Will I have health/medical coverage while I am at NYU? Medical coverage is the responsibility of each individual participant. We encourage participants to check with their insurance company on policies regarding medical emergencies while away from home.

Will I have access to the NYU gyms? Scholars-in-Residence may be eligible for a temporary NYU gym membership in the Coles Sports and Recreation Center upon payment of a membership fee. If you are interested in NYU gym access, we ask that you please inform us upon your acceptance in to the program. It takes the Coles Center about two weeks to process the request, so the sooner we forward it to them, the sooner you will be able to work out there.

Is it possible for me to extend my stay past the end of the semester? It is not possible to extend your stay beyond the dates specified in the acceptance letter.


How do I make my travel arrangements? Semester long Scholars-in-Residence are responsible for their own travel arrangements.

I will be driving to New York City. Where can I park? On-street parking is extremely difficult in New York City. Commercial parking garages are available in the NYU vicinity. You may inquire about daily and weekly price structures by calling them directly. The NYU website has a comprehensive list of neighborhood parking garages. Please visit Unless you will need your car for a specific purpose, we recommend that you leave your car at home, and consider using public transportation within the city.

How can I get to the NYU campus?

From the airport:
  • From La Guardia, Kennedy, or Newark Airport, take the airport shuttle bus to Port Authority Bus Terminal or Grand Central Station.
  • From Port Authority, take the Eighth Avenue subway (A or E train) downtown to West Fourth Street-Washington Square Station, or from Grand Central, take the Lexington Avenue subway (No. 6 train) downtown to Astor Place Station.
  • Cabs and car services are available at the airport and, even though they cost more, they are your best bet if you have a lot of luggage.
  • Plan on spending at least $35 to $60 depending on the airport and time of day.
By Subway:
  • Take the Lexington Avenue subway (No. 6 train) to Astor Place Station. Go west on Astor Place to Broadway. Walk south on Broadway to Waverly Place. Walk westward on Waverly Place until you reach Washington Square.
  • Take the Broadway subway to Eighth Street Station (N or R train usually -- N service has been temporarily replaced by the M in Brooklyn and the W in Manhattan and Queens). At Broadway walk south to Waverly Place. Walk west on Waverly Place until you reach Washington Square.
  • Take the Sixth Avenue subway to West Fourth Street -- Washington Square Station (A, C, E, F, or S train -- C service has been replaced by the E in Brooklyn, and the S from Times Square to Grand Central has no service at night). Walk east on West Fourth Street until you reach Washington Square.
  • Take the Seventh Avenue subway to Christopher Street -- Sheridan Square Station (1 or 9). Walk east on Christopher Street to West Fourth Street. Continue east to Washington Square.
By Car:
  • There are certain restrictions on single passenger vehicles crossing into Manhattan during morning rush hour. Please consult for further information.
From the Bronx and Upstate NY:
  • Take the NY State Thruway, which becomes the Major Deegan Expressway in the Bronx, to the Triborough Bridge (toll).
  • Cross to Manhattan taking the FDR Drive.
  • Follow the FDR Drive south to Houston Street
  • Continue west on Houston Street past Broadway to La Guardia Place.
  • Turn right (north) and follow La Guardia Place to Washington Square.
From Connecticut:
  • Take the New England Thruway (I-95) into the Bronx.
  • Then, take the Bruckner Expressway (I-278) to the Triborough Bridge (toll).
  • Cross to Manhattan taking the FDR Drive south to Houston Street.
  • Continue west on Houston Street past Broadway to La Guardia Place.
  • Turn right (north) and follow La Guardia Place to Washington Square.
  • From the Northwest, West, and South including New Jersey
  • Take the I-95 and/or the New Jersey Turnpike to the Lincoln Tunnel. Once through the tunnel, go north on Sixth Avenue (also called Avenue of the Americas). Turn right (east) on Waverly Place and continue until you reach Washington Square.
From the George Washington Bridge
  • Take the Henry Hudson Parkway (turns into the West Side Highway/12th Avenue) south to 23rd Street.
  • Turn left (east) on 23rd Street to Fifth Avenue.
  • Turn right (south) on Fifth Avenue to Washington Square.