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Michael E. Fassiotto Scholar-in-Residence Program

The Summer 2017 Michael E. Fassiotto Scholar-in-Residence program will be held from June 5 to June 29, 2017 at New York University's Washington Square campus.

The Michael E. Fassiotto Summer Scholar-in-Residency will be awarded on an annual basis to a faculty member whose project focuses on the development of innovative and unique pedagogies that can be implemented across a variety of disciplines to enhance the educational process.

Each year, during the month of June, the Michael E. Fassiotto Scholar-in-Residence will have the opportunity to engage in research, enrich an existing course or create a new one, broaden pedagogical expertise, and expand professional contacts. The awardee will meet with faculty colleagues at New York University and in New York City and will participate in activities scheduled as part of the larger Network Summer program which annually brings over 300 visiting faculty members to NYU's Washington Square campus. In addition to accommodations and most meals, the awardee will receive a travel subvention and an honorarium of $1,000.

The application process is as follows:

Application Procedure and Eligibility
Accommodations and Meals
Internet and Library Access
Research Consultants and Orientation
How to Apply


Several prerequisites must be met for participation in the Michael E. Fassiotto Summer Scholar-in-Residence program.

  1. The applicant must be a full-time faculty member at a member institution of the Faculty Resource Network. A list of current FRN institutions may be found here
  2. The applicant must be approved and recommended by the Provost/Dean of his/her home institution for the term of the residency.
  3. The proposed project must exemplify the goal of promoting pedagogical innovation on the scholar's home campus.
  4. New York University must have the resources necessary to be of substantial benefit to the applicant's project goals.

To be considered for this award, applicants must submit to their campus Liaison Officer proposals that describe research or curricular development projects that meet the program prerequisites above. The application must also be accompanied by two letters of support from the Provost/Dean of the home institution and department chair indicating how the proposed project will benefit the home institution.

The proposal should delineate project goals (work to be completed while in residence), benefits to the applicant's home institution, and the ways in which residence at NYU and in New York City will benefit the applicant's research.

Applicants for the Scholar-in-Residence program should also indicate the NYU department(s) with which they wish to be associated and the name(s) of the faculty member(s) with whom they wish to work (if known). New York University bulletins may be consulted through the University's home page at (The Network cannot guarantee that the NYU faculty members requested by applicants will be available as Research Consultants during the month of June.) We will attempt to find a faculty member that is knowledgeable within the field you are researching.

The applicant who is selected for this residency will receive a letter informing them of application status. If accepted into the program, the faculty scholar will receive information regarding housing accommodations, travel subvention, and honoraria as well as some general information about the program and its schedule.



Accommodations are provided only for the Fassiotto fellow. (University regulations do not permit spouses or family members to share housing accommodations provided. We regret that no exceptions can be made to this rule.) The selected participant will reside in a private, air-conditioned efficiency located in an NYU residence hall. In addition, the resident have access to coin-operated laundry facilities, computer terminals, and a gym within the building. Although the University provides basic linens and towels, we encourage the Grimes Scholar-in-Residence to bring linens (for an extra-long twin bed) and towels for an extra level of comfort. A lightweight summer blanket may be needed in addition to your own toiletries and hangers.


The Fassiotto Scholar-in-Residence will be provided with meal vouchers for selected dining halls. Vouchers will be provided for Breakfast and lunch or dinner for Monday through Friday of the program.


Internet Access:

The Fassiotto scholar will receive an NYU NetId, enabling the use of NYU computer facilties. An NYU e-mail address is included as part of the NetId. Arrangements can be made with your home institution's ITS department to have your e-mail temporarily forwarded to the web-based account. The scholar with laptop computers may use standard dialup services in the efficiency, providing they bring a modem and have the correct software to do so. Ethernet connection is not available for short-term residents.

The NYU NetId and ID card will enable teh Grimes Scholar to access e-mail via computer terminals in various NYU locations.

The Fassiotto Scholar-in-Residence will have access to the NYU Academic Computer Facility (ACF) computer laboratories, located throughout the campus. Staff assistance, software documentation, and additional guidelines and procedures are available at each location.Additionally, the Microcomputer Center, located on Sub-level B of the Elmer Holmes Bobst Library, offers IBM compatible and Macintosh microcomputers for use by NYU constituents. Scholars may also bring laptops to the library.

Library Access:

Network Scholars have reading and borrowing privileges at the Elmer Holmes Bobst Library, one of the largest open-stack research libraries in the world. Pamphlets explaining the library’s hours of operation and various research tools are included in this welcome packet. To use the library, Scholars must present their NYU Identification Card to the attendant at the center turnstile in the front lobby. Aside from the volumes of books, periodicals and documents available at Bobst and other NYU libraries, there are electronic and printed sources in Bobst that can link you to other libraries and collections in New York City. These sources include the catalogs in book form of the Research Libraries and of the Branch Library System of the New York Public Library (NYPL), the National Union Catalog, and the Union List of Serials/New Series Titles. The Research Libraries Infor-mation Network (RLIN), a computer catalog available at Bobst Library Reference Centers or from locations outside the library by personal account, contains information from the computerized catalogs from over 100 member libraries, including the books and periodicals catalogued at the NYPL Research Libraries and by the Columbia University Libraries in the last 15 or so years. NYU has cooperative borrowing arrangements with numerous New York City and university libraries. Please consult the NYU catalog or the Elmer Holmes Bobst Library web-site for a complete listing of libraries in the City and for those that hold cooperative reading and borrowing agreements with the University.


Research Consultants

Throughout the university residency, the Fassiotto scholar will confer periodically with a New York University faculty member who serves a as Research Consultant and who are both aware of the Scholar's project and knowledgeable in their field. The Research Consultant is able to offer collegial discussion, professional and constructive criticism, and information on New York City and NYU resources. The Network identifies each Research Consultant and provides the contact information of the Consultant during the general orientation meeting. The ties that develop between Research Consultants and Network Scholars often become the basis of ongoing professional relationships that last well beyond the period of direct participation in the Scholar-in-Residence program.

Information on your Research Consultant is provided at the Scholar-in-Residence orientation meeting, or earlier when possible. Assignments will be made based on the availability of NYU faculty members during the summer.


The Fassiotto Scholar is required to attend the Scholar-in-Residence orientation meeting scheduled on the first day of the residency. At that time about University resources and program particulars, including: receipt of NYU ID Card, Research Consultant assignments, Washington Square campus tour, and a calendar of events.


If you are interested in applying to the Michael E. Fassiotto Summer Scholar-in-Residence program, please submit your complete application as a PDF attachment to or fax ONE complete copy to the Faculty Resource Network office at 212-995-4101.

Faculty Resource Network

Michael E. Fassiotto Summer 2015 Scholar-in-Residence Program

New York University

194 Mercer Street, 4th Floor

New York, NY 10012

Complete applications must be in our possession by 5:00 p.m. EST on Friday, February 5, 2016 in order to be considered for the program. Full applications must include the following:

1) Application:

To access an application, click here. The completed application form must be printed and signed by your school's institutional representative (click here for a complete list) and returned to the Faculty Resource Network as a PDF attachement or faxed document.

2) Project Statement and Abstract:

We require a statement of one or two pages indicating your intellectual and/or academic interests and the research or curricular development project you hope to produce as a result of participating in a Network faculty development program. The proposed project must exemplify the goal of promoting pedagogical innovation on the scholar's home campus. Indicate specific courses or programs which will be benefited at your school as a result of your participation in Network Summer.

Applicants for the Fassiotto Scholar-in-Residence program should also submit a brief abstract of their project statement as well as indicate the department(s) with which they wish to be associated and the name(s) of NYU faculty member(s) with whom they wish to consult (if known).

3) Curricular Vitae:

A copy of your recent curricular vitae must be submitted with your application.

4) Letters of Support:

Two letters of support must be included with your application. The letters of support must be from the Provost/Dean of the home institution and department chair, and must indicate how the proposed project will expand the role of the arts in the curriculum.

The application deadline for the Michael E. Fassiotto Summer 2017 Scholar-in-Residence has passed.