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Visiting Scholar Programs

Guided by the common lament among faculty that the presence of time for uninterrupted, focused, independent research is a much-limited resource, the visiting scholar programs offer Network faculty an opportunity to come to New York University to engage in scholarly work. Participants in the program spend either a semester-long sabbatical or a month-long summer residency engaging in research, revising and developing curricula, and producing manuscripts for publication. Previous participants have completed the program with new course proposals or accepted publications in hand, and many find unlimited opportunities for collaboration with the NYU community and fellow program participants.


To learn more about the Summer 2017 Scholar-in-Residence program click here.
Two competitive summer residencies listed below provide awardees with travel subvention and a small stipend.

To learn more about the Calvin B. Grimes Summer Residency and to apply, click here.

To learn more about the Michael E. Fassiotto Summer Residency and to apply, click here.

To view the Frequently Asked Questions Section for the Summer Scholar-in-Residence program, click here.