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Frequently Asked Questions

by Network Winter Seminar participants

Network Winter Seminars
Mail and Email Contact
Internet, Computer and Library Access


How large are the seminars? Seminars are typically between 15 and 20 participants.

What is the seminar schedule and duration? Seminars generally run from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday of the seminar week with a mid-day communal lunch. Participants are required to attend the full week of seminar meetings.

What should I bring to Network Winter? All Network Winter participants should bring the assigned reading materials with them. Participants from the United States also must be sure to bring a valid passport, which must be valid until three months beyond your stay. For additional information about passports, please check this website: Participants should also bring an umbrella, clothing for cool weather (the temperature seldom reaches above 55 degrees F in Athens during the month of January), shoes with rubber soles (many walking surfaces are marble and can be quite slippery), and toiletries. Additional information will be provided to participants following acceptance into the program.


Do I need to have access to e-mail? In order to facilitate communications and make them as immediate as possible, we ask that all participants have an active and accessible e-mail account. Seminar participants are contacted frequently via e-mail with all information related to the seminar.

What mailings may I expect to receive? Each candidate may expect to receive an acceptance/waitlist letter, an e-mail containing information on housing arrangements, and further e-mails as necessary.

I donít seem to have received any e-mail from your office. What should I do? Please contact the Faculty Resource Network at (212) 998-2090 to confirm that the e-mail address we have on file for you is correct.


Will I have access to the NYU libraries? No, Network Winter participants receive access to the electronic course materials site in order to access seminar articles and readings.

Will I have computer access to do word-processing? It is recommended that you bring a laptop to use during your stay, but you also may be able to access computers at the seminar location.

If I do bring a laptop, will I have internet access? Internet access varies, depending on the location of the Network Winter program. Specific information regarding connectivity will be sent to you following acceptance into the program. You also may be able to access computers at the seminar locations.

Do I have access to a hard-copy version of the readings available on the electronic course materials site for my seminar? In most cases, the Faculty Resource Network sends out copies of any books for your seminar to your institutional liaison officer. Hard copy versions of additional articles available via the electronic course materials site will not be available. We recommend that all participants print and bring all articles available on the electronic course materials site for your seminar.


Who is eligible to receive accommodations? Housing accommodations in single room residence halls are provided for participants, provided that they reside more than 50 miles from the location of the Network Winter seminars. Those who live closer and who wish to reside on-campus, can arrange housing upon availability and payment of a fee. Please contact the Network office for more information.

Can my family stay with me at the residence hall? The housing policy explicitly forbids anyone other than the Network Winter participant from occupying residential housing. No exceptions are made and the policy is strictly enforced. Family and friends may find reasonably priced accommodation at a number of hotels in the general vicinity of the seminar locations. We recommend that you look online for discounted rate information. Also, family members of seminar participants are not permitted to attend the seminars.

What should I bring to the residence room? Participants who will be residing in FRN residence halls should bring toiletries, towels, or anything else that you may deem necessary.


Do I need to make my own travel accommodations? Yes. Participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements and transportation to the institution.


Which meals are provided, and which do I need to provide? The Network provides breakfast and lunch each day of the seminar. Dinner is not provided. A list of area restaurants will be provided upon arrival at the residence halls.