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Frequently Asked Questions

by Network Summer Seminar participants

Network Summer Seminars
Mail and Email Contact
Internet, Computer and Library Access
Travel to NYU
Accommodations and Meals
New York City

How large are the seminars? Seminars typically have between 10 and 25 participants, depending on the popularity of the seminar, number of seminar conveners, and available facilities.

What is the seminar schedule and duration? This year, seminars will run from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily with a mid-day communal lunch. Seminar conveners may adjust the class schedule in response to participant needs. Seminar sessions are scheduled to end at 5:00 p.m. on Friday. Participants are required to attend the full week of seminar meetings.

Where is my seminar taking place? Seminar locations will be forthcoming.

What is the cancellation procedure for Network Summer? Network Summer participants are provided with information regarding the deadline for confirming their participation in the Network Summer seminar series. Should you need to cancel your participation in Network Summer after the deadline, you must submit a notification in writing by email. You may be asked to return any reading materials we sent to you and be responsible for the payment of the $200 cancellation fee.

Do I need to register with the FRN? Yes, it is important that all Network Summer participants register with an FRN staff member. You will not be allowed into NYU buildings unless you have a Faculty Resource Network name badge. We ask that you please visit the registration desk prior to attending your seminar session. A Faculty Resource Network staff member will be available in the lobby of the Kimmel Center for University Life.


Do I need to have access to e-mail? In order to facilitate and expedite communications, we ask that all participants have an active and accessible e-mail account. Seminar participants are contacted frequently via e-mail with all information related to Network Summer.

When can I expect to receive notification on my application status? Applicants will receive an email notification on the status of their Network Summer application in early April.

What mailings may I expect to receive? Each candidate may expect to receive an acceptance/waitlist e-mail, an e-mail containing information on how to access electronic course materials, and additional e-mails as necessary.

I don't seem to have received any e-mails from your office. What should I do? Please contact the Faculty Resource Network at (212) 998-2090 to confirm that the e-mail address we have on file for you is correct.


Will I have access to a library? Yes. Network Summer participants receive reading privileges to NYU's Bobst Library during the week of seminars.

Where is Bobst Library and what are the hours? Bobst Library (Elmer Holmes Bobst Library) is located at 70 Washington Square South and is open daily. For information regarding hours of operation please visit the website at

How do I gain access to NYU's Library? To gain access into Bobst Library, once you enter the facility please visit the desk immediately to your left and inform the staff that you are a Network Summer participant with the Faculty Resource Network. You will need to provide the attendant with a valid identification card. Your name will be on the courtesy log, and you will be granted a pass for using the library during the week of seminars.

Will I have computer access? While it is recommended that you bring a laptop to use during your stay, you will have guest-access to computers at Bobst Library.

If I do bring a laptop, will I have internet access? Internet guest-access is available in your room. Additionally, guest-access is available at Bobst Library, the Kimmel Center, and other NYU locations.

Will I have access to a hard-copy version of the readings available on the electronic seminar pages? The Network sends out copies of any books for your seminar to your institutional liaison officer for pick up. We recommend that all participants print and bring all articles available on the seminar web page.

If I need to receive mail or a fax, what address can I use? Faxes for participants may be sent to the Faculty Resource Network at (212) 995-4101, and may be collected during regular business hours. Please keep in mind that Network staff will have limited contact with the office during Network Summer Peak week.


Do I need to make my own travel arrangements? Yes, participants are responsible for their own travel accommodations. The Faculty Resource Network does not subsidize travel.

How can I get from the airport to the NYU campus? Please click here for comprehensive information on how to reach New York University from airports, train and bus terminals, and via MTA buses and subways.


Who is eligible for accommodations in NYU campus housing? Housing accommodations are provided for participants who reside more than fifty miles from NYU's Washington Square Campus in New York City. Participants living within 50 miles who wish to reside on-campus, can arrange housing accommodations upon payment of a fee. Please contact the Network offices for more information and to check on housing accommodations availability.

Can my family stay with me in my NYU residence room? NYU housing policy explicitly forbids anyone other than the FRN participant from occupying NYU residential housing. No exceptions can be made and the policy is strictly enforced. Family and friends may find reasonably priced accommodations at a number of hotels and bed & breakfasts in or close to Greenwich Village. The FRN does not specifically recommend any hotels; however, we list four relatively inexpensive hotels below as a courtesy to our participants. We encourage anyone interested in hotel accommodations to research the subject thoroughly on the internet or through a guide-book to New York City. Discounted rates at New York City hotels may be available from,, or other online reservation sites.

Is it possible for me to extend my stay past Network Summer? NYU's residence facilities are fully booked by conferences and seminars during the summer. It is not possible to extend your stay beyond the dates specified in your acceptance letter.

What is the cancellation procedure for housing accommodations? Network Summer 2016 participants are provided with information regarding the deadline for cancelling housing (previously requested on the Network Summer 2016 application). Should you need to cancel your housing accommodations after the deadline, you must send a request in writing via email. You will be to return any reading materials we sent to you and be responsible for the payment of the $200 cancellation fee.

Will I have health/medical coverage while I am staying at NYU? No. Medical coverage is the responsibility of each individual participant. We encourage participants to check with their insurance company on policies regarding medical emergencies while away from home.

Will I have phone service in my room? No. We recommend that you bring a cell phone for use during your stay.

Will I have voice-mail in my room? No. The rooms are not equipped with voice-mail. Callers may leave messages for you at Founder's Hall front desk.

What personal items should I bring with me to NYU's residence hall? Each room will be provided with a linen packet containing a sheet, blanket, pillow, pillowcase, and small towel. For your comfort, we recommend that all Network Summer participants bring their own extra-long twin sheet, regular sized towel, hangers, alarm clock, toiletries, and personal belongings for the week. Rooms are not equipped with amenities and are air-conditioned.

What materials should I bring with me to my Network Summer seminar? All Network Summer participants should bring the prescribed books, NYU Wiki Articles, and the printed syllabus with them. Although it is summer, please keep in mind that the NYU buildings are air-conditioned. We recommend that you carry a sweater with you throughout the seminar week.

Will I have access to the NYU gym? NYU gyms are not open to short-term visitors. A number of commercial gyms are available in the neighborhood, each offering access for a day or week at a given rate.


What kind of weather can I expect? New York summers are typically hot. Temperatures can go up to the mid-nineties. Be prepared for thunderstorms. We suggest that you check an online weather service, such as, close to your arrival in New York for information about short and longer-term weather patterns during your stay. (NYU's zip code is 10012.)

I will be driving to New York City. Where can I park? On-street parking is extremely difficult in New York City. The NYU website has a comprehensive list of neighborhood parking garages. For comprehensive parking information please click here. Unless you require your car for specific reasons, we recommend that you leave your car at home and consider using public transportation within the city.