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Getting to Know Europe: Flagship Campus Event

The Faculty Resource Network's New Europe Project promotes greater knowledge of Europe both in the New York metro area and throughout the U.S. The stated goal of this initiative is "to raise awareness about EU policies and institutions, the EU's role as an international actor in the economic and political field, and the value of the EU-US relationship." Twenty Faculty Resource Network member institutions have committed to this project by sending faculty members as Institutional Ambassadors to three faculty development seminars focusing on an issue of crucial importance in contemporary Europe, including immigration, politics and economics. These institutions also are providing faculty members with the infrastructure and support for organizing public events on their own campuses. Some of these programs highlights are included below.

Getting to Know Europe: Flagship Campuses Programs & Events

Chaminade University of Honolulu, Hawaii

Understanding the New Europe from a Pacific Island Perspective

Participants from Hawaii universities will sit on a panel discussing how current economic and social issues occurring in the New Europe impact Hawaii and the Oceania region, in particular the economic, immigration and political issues. Discussion topics will range from immigration to monetary reform and how we should add a Pacific voice to the discourse on the social stability and economic viability of the European Union.

Dillard University, New Orleans, Louisiana

A Lecture Series on Multicultural: Greece and the EU

In the context of the ongoing reforms within the European Union, in which is Greece as a member, issues such as immigration, language, wealth, knowledge, nationalism vs "Europeanism", common currency, fiscal policy, social policy, and the role of Germany will be explored. From a more macro perspective, questions such as: are the current socio-economic and political measures securing the best interest of Union member states? How does the EU make efficient use of scarce resources and societal return? What are the pros and cons of a bilateral monopoly in primary science, healthcare delivery and social policy, such as immigration? How does the EU equitable implement its fiscal, social, and political policies, across member states without adversely impacting the Union? Is it possible for member states, such as Greece and the Ukraine, to maintain their national currency, while adopting the use of the Euro and what would be the impact on EU and foreign trade?


1. Establish a relationship with McDonough 35 Senior High School, St. Mary's Academy, St. Augustine Catholic High School and Maynard Nelson Elementary School to convene a forum on European cultures. This will be done in collaboration with the Center for the First Year Experience and will include Dillard University freshmen.

2. Educate the community and faculty with a lecture on the "New Europe".

3. Collaborate with the planning committee of the Annual International Food and Arts Festival to ensure that awareness of European culture, activities dance, and food etc. is included as part of the festival.

Getting to Know Europe: Flagship Campus Event Farmingdale State College, Farmingdale, New York

Celebrating the Operas of Giuseppe Verdi

As part of Italian Heritage Month, Farmingdale State College SUNY held a program featuring Operas by Verdi. The performer was Coloratura Soprano Kelli Butler accompanied by pianist Gene McCoy. The free program (open to the university community and the general public) was attended by 200 people.

Numbers performed were: La Seduzione, Il Poveretto, Volta la terrea, Un Ballo in Maschera, Sul fil d'un soffio etesio, Falstaff; Saper vorreste, Un Ballo in Maschera, Gualtier Malde...Caro nome, Rigoletto; Ah for'se lui...sempre libera, La Traviata.

Subject to Negotiation: EU - US Trade Relations

Getting to Know Europe: Flagship Campus EventThe speakers and panelists include the Dean of the School of Business, a Professor of International Business, two representatives from the Long Island business community whose corporations have considerable trade with EU nations, and a representative from the Trade and Investment Section of the Polish Consulate in NYC. They willl discuss a variety of issues related to EU-US trade, including reducing tariffs and promoting free trade, GMOs and environmental topics, and security concerns. The program will be attended by FSC students and faculty plus members of the broader Long Island business community. We anticipate a lively, interesting and timely analysis of trade between the world's two largest trading blocs, the European Union and the United States.

Huston-Tillotson University, Austin, Texas

Public Conference: BLACK & BROWN IN EUROPE - a panel discussion series about the social-political, economic and artistic impact of people of color in European culture.

Huston-Tillotson University's Getting to Know Europe Committee held its first in a series of two panel discussions on the topic of Black and Brown people in Europe. Our panellists included Dr. Ben Carrington, an Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Texas. Dr. Carrington is a renowned author, lecturer, and researcher of Blacks and sports. He is also a UK native and former semi-professional soccer player. The panel also featured Tameika Hannah, a Huston-Tillotson graduate and hip-hop artist. Tameka has travelled through Europe studying hip-hop music and culture. The well-attended panel discussion was opened to the HT campus and surrounding community. A question and answer session followed the presentations.

Getting to Know Europe: Flagship Campus Event

Paine College, Augusta, Georgia

Understanding the New Europe: Local and Global Realities in the 21st Century

Getting to Know Europe: Flagship Campus Event This symposium, led by Professor Robert Jones, Dr. Andre Key, Dr. Lawanda Cummings and Dr. Catherine Adams, Assistant Professor of English, brought together participants of the Faculty Resource Network (FRN) seminars with members of the academic and Augusta community for two timely global discussions:

  • On Thursday, January 29, 1 p.m. - 2 p.m.: Implications of how developments within the European Union impact the economic and political realities in the United States. Topics discussed included: climate change initiatives and the global economy, global immigration and labor, and far right political ascendency.
  • On Friday, January 30, 1 p.m. - 2 p.m.: "Athens (Greece) and Augusta as Teaching Canvases" Topics discussed included: Digital programs and repositories for the Social Sciences and the Humanities.

Ramapo College, Mahwah, New Jersey

Challenges Facing the EU; Austerity and the Eurozone; Muslim Migrants and the New Europe; Environmentalism and the EU

Getting to Know Europe: Flagship Campus Event Getting to Know Europe: Flagship Campus Event At Ramapo College, a series of lectures, discussions, and special programs were presented to members of the community and shared with area schools for future curriculum development. These events included: Café Euro, a discussion of current political, economic, and environmental challenges for the EU; a lecture by Dr Pellegrino Manfra; and a major conference that featured scholars from Boston College, United Nations and Ramapo College and explored the social, economic and political aspects of Muslim migrants and the New Europe.

The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, Galloway, New Jersey

Identity and Displacement in Post war Germany

Faculty, administrators, and staff who have participated in study tours to Europe will deliver a lecture and lead a discussion on Identity and displacement in post war Germany. Students, faculty, staff, administrators and the wider community will be invited to participate. Faculty who are teaching classes that are related to the topic will be asked to send their classes to the lecture. The New Europe project faculty will conduct a post-event assessment of the learning and the relevance of the event to current students' interest and knowledge.

lasses end at Stockton on May 2nd, so an early May Europe day is not possible. The two weeks leading up to early May Europe day are not optimal times for this event as on last week in April is exam week and the week before some students have study/reading breaks and attendance would be low.

Saint Peter's University, Jersey City, New Jersey

The EU: Past Present, Present and Future for College Community
The Ukraine: Not as Simple as the Media would like us to think

Two programs will be held using the expertise of development through the Getting to Know Europe experience. The first, the EU: Past Present, Present and Future, will be comprised of a presentation followed by participation of several classes across disciplines that have been focusing on this issue all term. The second, The Ukraine: Not as Simple as the Media would like us to think, engages our evening students, several high schools and churches in a discussion of this ever evolving issue.

Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, New York

A leader of Ukraine's protest movement to speak on campus

Oleh Medunytsya, a member of the Ukrainian Parliament and a key figure in that nation's current protest movement, will speak at Skidmore on Thursday, Jan. 30, at 5 p.m. in Davis Auditorium, Palamountain Hall.

EUROSIM 2015 at Skidmore

The Skidmore Model European Union Club, together with the Department of Government and the International Affairs program, propose to host a 4-day conference, EUROSIM, a simulation of a European Union negotiation, at Skidmore College in April 2015. Based on recent previous EUROSIMs, we anticipate that 15-20 colleges and universities from both the US and Europe, representing delegations totalling 150-200 students and 20-25 faculty, will participate in this event.

Course: FL 248 Muslims in the New Europe

An exploration of one of the most hotly debated public policy issues in Western-Europe today: the challenges of (im)migration and accommodation of national, ethnic, cultural and religious diversity. Focusing on the Muslim immigrant minority mainly in Germany, France, and the United Kingdom, students will be introduced to the current debates about European immigration, multiculturalism, integration and citizenship, as well as individual experiences represented through literature and film. This course fulfills one of the requirements for German minor, Humanities and Cultural Diversity.

Spelman College, Atlanta, Georgia

Europe Today: Immigration, Identity, and USA Partnership
Getting to Know Europe: Flagship Campus Event

In collaboration with the Gordon-Zeto Center for Global Education, Spelman College will host a panel discussion Europe Today: Immigration, Identity, and USA Partnership in September 2014. Panelists will include three Spelman Institutional Ambassadors to the NYU Faculty Resource Network Understanding the New Europe program, as well as area diplomats with experience in European relations. Activities include:

  • Invite students and faculty in the International Studies Program, History, Political Science, Sociology, and Economics to encourage their attendance at the Europe Today program.
  • Engage the Education Studies Program to invite their community partners, such as the Atlanta International School, the Atlanta Public Schools, the Fulton County Schools, and the Gwinnett County Schools.
  • Announce The New Europe program on the College web site and through The Spelman Connection, an electronic newsletter.
  • Invite departments and programs to sponsor additional outreach activities related to Understanding the New Europe, with support from the Office of the Provost.

University of the Sacred Heart, Santurce, Puerto Rico

La Nueva Europa A Través Del Cine (The New Europe in Film)

A selection of three outstanding European films was presented during the Fall Semester to the community at large. The films not only portray contemporary Europe, but present an opportunity to reflect on the flux of immigration from Turkey and sub-Saharan Africa into Europe. The films presented were: Le Havre, 2011 Dr. Aki Kaurismaki; La extraña (Die Fremde) 2010, Dir. Feo Aladag; and Fuera de la ley (Hors-la-loi), 2010, Dir. Richard Bouchareb.

Diálogo Con La Fundación Moderna De Navarra (Dialogue with Moderna Foundation of Navarra)

As part of a broader institutional project for internationalization, the USC had invited the General Director and Project Manager of the Moderna Foundation of Navarra, Spain. In order to "sinergize" their visit, we organized an open forum (as per described in the proposal) to discuss Moderna's 20 year strategic planning for Navarra. This model has been extremely successful and has recieved praise and funding from the European Union (over 2M €). The Moderna Foundation encourages citizen participation and collects information from public forums in order to design a Regional Strategic Plan that includes policies on: development, education, energy harnessing, culture, among other.

University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont

Opportunities, Implications and Change: Political Protests and Diaspora Influence in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Getting to Know Europe: Flagship Campus Event The event will be held from 5:30-7:30 p.m. in Memorial Lounge, Waterman Building. It is open to the public. On the eve of the 30th anniversary of the Sarajevo Winter Olympics, recent public protests in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) turned international media attention to the country once again after the 1992-1995 war that resulted in more than one million of its citizens becoming a diaspora and more than 100,000 dead. This talk will contextualize and provide background on the current political situation in BiH as well as a discussion about what lies ahead. It will focus on the protests from the citizen's perspective as well as touch upon the citizen's plenums that have been organized in different cities within BiH as a result. Additionally, it will discuss diaspora mobilization more generally as well as Bosnian diaspora responses to the protests based on some preliminary findings from ongoing research.

Wagner College, Staten Island, New York

The Eurocrisis and the U.S. Economy

Dr. Hugo Kaufmann, Professor Emeritus of Economics at Queens College and Director of the European Union Studies at the CUNY Graduate Center , gave a public lecture open to Wagner College students, faculty, and the community. It put the Europe's current economic issues in historical perspective, from WWI through the depression , WWII, and the post-war period. It was sponsored by ACE (the college speaker's program) and Wagner's department of Business Administration.

Getting to Know Europe: Flagship Campus Event Getting to Know Europe: Flagship Campus Event