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Faculty Resource Network Home

The Faculty Resource Network is a membership organization. Our fifty-five member colleges and universities, together with faculty participation from the Leadership Alliance, an associated consortium, provide the Network with national visibility.

The primary mission of the Faculty Resource Network is to serve faculty development needs. At many of our small to medium-sized member institutions, opportunities for research, curricular advancement and faculty development are limited. The majority of our member institutions, including a core group of 13 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and 14 Hispanic-serving campuses, are minority-serving institutions. Faculty at larger institutions may still feel the need for a supportive and collegial context in which to pursue research and develop new curricular resources. All our member institutions are fully committed to training and developing faculty in the context of the wide range of diversity that characterizes the United States. Our core belief is that training educators to be innovative teachers, well-informed scholars, and fully rounded intellectuals, enriches the educational experience and skills of all their students.

To view a list of our member institutions, click here.