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Topic and Role Pages

High-Level Topic Pages continues to be organized for target audiences with easily searched topics, keywords and titles. The goal is to create a structure that makes sense to visitors, allowing them to navigate the site without needing to understand the University’s organization. As a result, content is not necessarily reflective of organizational structure or processes. Instead, there are five topical channels at the top level of navigation:

Topic Pages

Channel Pages

Topical Sections: About, Admissions, Academic, University Life, and Research.

These channel pages now better tell the NYU story by highlighting details and featuring stand-out snippets that reinforce the University’s identity and the great people and activities that live here. 

Retirement of the Global Channel

NYU’s global presence has evolved beyond just an initiative and has been fully integrated as part of our identity. Our new design better reflects our global nature, and all existing global content will be moved into topically appropriate sections of the site:

  • Global Academic Centers will have their own websites that are accessible from the Global Navigation.
  • The Student, Faculty, and Staff Channel pages will each include their own tailored Visa & Immigration sections.

Role Pages

In order to meet the needs of all target audiences while keeping the structure simple and coherent, supplements the topical navigation with role-based sections that are catered to members of our community. There are five role pages:

Role Links in Header

Role Pages

Our new designs put our existing community first, with a "dashboard" of content to help you find and do things faster.

Modest geo-location features are located at the top of the page. Bands of content focus less on telling the NYU story and more on grouping the links and details that you need to navigate your experience at NYU. The most important and timely information will be near the top of the page, and less important information will be towards the bottom. 

Revitalizing the Students Role Page

The Students Role Page embraces a dashboard style layout to better encompass topics relevant to NYU students. It integrates information formerly located in the University Life section and elsewhere in the site.

High-level content moved to the Students Role Page:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Registration, Records, and Graduation
  • Bills, Payments, and Refunds
  • Housing and Dining