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About the Data Warehouse

Some of the major University systems replicated in the Washington Square University Data Warehouse are shown in the following diagram.
 UDW Overview

At this time the Finance and HR Reporting Portal provides content and documentation for the major HR/Benefits/Payroll and Financial applications only, which include the following.

  • fame – (Finance Accounting Made Easier) is the University’s core financial system.
  • Budgeting/Financial Planning
  • HRIS – (Human Resource Information System, also called Integral), is the University’s main application for the administration of Human Resources, Benefits, and Payroll services. 
  • PASS – (Personnel Action Submission System), is a workflow application that automates the submission, routing, tracking, and approving/denying of personnel action requests.
  • FRDB – (Faculty Resource Database), is a workflow application that provides functionality for processing adjunct appointments which are covered b y the provisions of the collective bargaining unit agreement (CBA) between NYU and the United Auto Works (UAW).
  • WebAMI – (Web Annual Merit Increase), is a web-based annual merit increase and re-appointment application.
  • ADB – (Academic Database), is the University’s repository for historical employment data of all Faculty, Researchers, and all other Academic appointments.
  • EDB – (Employee Database), is the University’s repository for historical employment data of all Administrative, Clerical, Technical, Service, and Casual employees.  EDB data will be available in the UDW in FY2010.

Benefits of the University Data Warehouse

The UDW can be a valuable resource for all University users that need information to provide support for:

  • Day-to-day Operations
  • Decision Support
  • Strategic Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Compliance Reporting

Users can run standard reports or build their own reports to answer questions such as:

  • What is my unit’s headcount (and what are my open positions)?
  • What has been charged to my accounts this year and what is my current balance?
  • What is the vacation and sick balance of all my employees?
  • How much overtime cost did my unit incur in the previous period or current fiscal year?
  • What’s the volume of transactions that my unit has completed this fiscal year and prior fiscal years?

Our reporting tool provides the capability to download data into spreadsheets so that users can customize reports or incorporate with other data not currently available within the UDW.

Our standard reports also provide pre-formatted reports, charts, and graphs that can be easily printed or exported into other documents or presentations.