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Human Resources Reporting

Human Resources reporting is a new reporting environment that extracts data from the Univeristy Data Warehouse using Brio/Hyperion Performance Suite 8.3. The source of this HR data is HRIS.

The new HR Reporting environment will be launching on January 12th, 2009. This section includes the following:

  • A list of the Standard ("Canned") Reports being offered and a link to each of the Standard Reports.
  • An overview of the HR Ad Hoc capabilities and a link to the Ad Hoc Reporting Environment.
  • An overview of upcoming Metrics to be provided later in the year.

Also included in this section is a link to a Report Request form and the Report Request procedure to be followed if you have a need for a report that cannot be accomplished through the new HR Reporting environment.

IMPORTANT: Before using the new HR Reporting Environment, you must first read the Access to HR Data guidelines outlined below.

Access to HR Data

HR data refers to any employee information currently collected and/or processed through the Human Resources Administrative Systems of NYU which include HRIS, Personnel Action Submission System (PASS), Match, WebAMI and any other HR Division local database.  Data for these and other systems are either currently available in the University Data Warehouse (UDW) or are planned for future release.

Access to HR data in the UDW will be granted only to those people with a direct job-related need for such access.  Each School/Unit must submit a HR request form to authorize users to access employee data within their assigned departments. 

HR data in the UDW can be classified into the following categories:

Data Classification



Available for HR Reporting


Data whose unauthorized access or loss could severely affect NYU, a partner or the public

  • Social Security Number
  • Electronic Protected Health Information
  • Payroll Taxes, Deductions



Data with a less high-level of criticality, but that should be protected from general access.  The use or misuse of these data elements are governed by  law.

  • Birthdate
  • Gender
  • Race/Ethnicity



All other non-public data not included in the Restricted or Protected classifications

  • Home Address
  • Salary
  • NYUID, Netid



All other data not included in the above classifications.  This refers to general access data available in unauthenticated portions of

  • Name
  • Work Address
  • Work Phone
  • Title
  • Department
  • School/Unit



Any HR data not specifically listed above but is currently available within the UDW should be considered confidential.

Users of the HR Reporting environment may disseminate data to other authorized HRIS users or the leadership within their school/unit.  Any dissemination of HR data beyond the HRIS authorized users and the school/unit leadership must be approved by the Vice President of Human Resources.  If so approved, the requester is required to provide recipients with a copy of this statement or inform them of its contents.

All users of the HR Reporting environment must ensure the following:

  • The information provided will only be used for the approved purpose, the report or data will be stored securely, and that unauthorized access to the data will be prevented.
  • Data received by electronic file, hardcopy data, and copies made from hardcopy data must be destroyed appropriately once the data or report is no longer needed.

Violations of these terms will constitute misuse of confidential employee information and applicable NYU policies will be followed for any necessary action.