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HR Standard Reports

HR Standard Reports is a library of common reports available to you in an easy to use dashboard environment without the need to know Hyperion/Brio reporting application.  Just pick from the list of available reports, then select from a variety of criteria to limit or expand your reporting results.  Options are available to create pivots and charts, as well as the ability to export your data in a number of formats like Excel.

WARNING: The Brio reports are accessible only with the Internet Explorer Browser.

Click on the HR Reporting Launch Pad to access all HR reports or select a specific report below:

Appointment Level Report
- The Appointment Level report provides appointment level information for staff / administrators / faculty with expired or expiring appointments.

Employee Listing and Headcount
-The Employee Headcount report lists all employees who have an active primary appointment within a given Unit, Division, or Department. The report covers all employees that are in the statuses Active, Leave with Pay, and Leave without Pay.

Employees by Object Code, Gender and Ethnicity Report
-The purpose of this report is to give users the ability to view/assess the demographic makeup, with regards to gender and ethnicity, of all employees that fall under their purview.

New Hires and Transfers
-This report is used by the Schools/Unit to identify (1) employees new to NYU and (2) employees who transfer into a new department.

PASS Actions by Unit/Div/Dept Report
-The PASS actions report displays the PASS and xPASS actions history for all employees selected within a Unit, Division, Department or for individual employees.

Paycheck History/Details
-The first subreport, the All Paycheck History report provides high level paycheck info for a specific employee for all paychecks. This enables a user to see if someone got paid, how they got paid, and their gross pay. The second subreport, the Paycheck Earnings Detail report, provides info related to earnings types and amounts for a specific employee for a specific paycheck. This enables a user to see the types of earnings an employee earned including vacation, sick, overtime, and more.

Probationary Period Review Report
-The Probationary Period Review report is used by the Schools/Unit to find out the probationary end date of employees. All new employees undergo a probationary period that begins on the first day of employment. The probationary period is the initial period of employment, a kind of trial period, during which the supervisor carefully considers whether the employee is able to meet the standards and expectations of the job and if the employee should be retained by NYU as a regular employee.

-The Separations report lists all employees who are leaving a given appointment within NYU. The report can be used by HROs or their staff to identify employees leaving their School or Unit and to ensure that offboarding steps are completed

Vacation and Sick Balances Report
-This report is used to view accrued, earned, and taken hourly balances and pay for sick and vacation days. It includes all eligible employees with primary appointments in a Unit with job object codes: 104, 114, 106, 116, 107, and 117.

Visa Expiration and I-9 Status
-The report identifies all employees that have a temporary work authorization within HRIS. This report allows the Talent Management Office, Office of Academic Appointment or HROs and HR staff to list all employees within their School, Unit, Division, or Department along with their visa type and expiration date as of a specified date. It identifies the number of days to expiration, highlights those that are expiring within 120, 90, 60, 30 days, as well as those that are already expired.