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Financial Reporting

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What is financial reporting?

Financial reporting is the new reporting environment that extracts data from the Univeristy Data Warehouse using Brio/Hyperion Performance Suite 8.3. The source of this data is FAME (Financial Administration Made Easier) v9.0.

Financial reporting is comprised of Standard Financial Reporting, Ad Hoc Reporting and Custom Analysis Reporting.

Standard Financial Reporting

The Standard Financial Reporting Library consists of 11 brioqueries that have redefined our eReports Financial Library. These queries give financial users the ability to retrieve and report on data from all of the basic modules in FAME v9.0, Accounts Payable, Purchasing, General Ledger, Commitment Control and Project Costing. The reports can be accessed from the brioportal or the financial reporting home page. Each report requires basic parameter selections and provides financial users with a pre-defined, fully formatted standard report.

Ad Hoc Reporting

With Ad Hoc Reporting, all financial users have direct access to the 7 Dimension Views/Objects and 15 Fact Views/Objects as well as a few standard Data Models. The Views/Objects and Data Models are the basis for users who wish to build their own ad hoc brioqueries and reports. The Fact Views/Objects track back to the FAME v9.0 modules and provide all available date or facts from these modules. The Dimension Views/Objects are comprised of our chartfield components with one exception, Vendor, and provide a set of available attributes for reporting.

Custom Analysis Reporting

Custom Analysis Reporting is a new feature that is part of the Standard Financial Reporting Library. All financial users have the ability to create customized pivot reports using the 22 fact and dimension views that support our standard library. Any data field that has been utilized in one of the 11 brioqueries is available for use in the Custom Analysis section of the reports library.

Where did the requirements come from?

Initial analysis of our current reporting environment was completed by the Financial System Upgrade Project Leads at WSQ and the SoM. The first step in their analysis was to identify a total body of reports. Their analysis looked at eReports, published brioqueries, crystal reports and ad hoc brioqueries. The reports were classified by usage, requirements for day one, month and year end processing. The initial Report Library consisted of 515 total reports of which 237 were SoM reports and 278 were WSQ reports. Sixty four reports from the WSQ Report Library were flagged as necessary for go live and/or month end.

The final analysis of the WSQ Report Library was completed by BSIRAD. They identified 11 brio queries for build which support the majority of the original WSQ Report Library. The Standard Report Library has redefined the original reports and will also provide a new feature in Brio/Hyperion Performance Suite 8.3, Custom Analysis Reporting. All of the 11 reports in the Standard Reporting Library utilize the Standard Views/Objects that have been developed by BSIRAD.