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About the Data Dictionary

Enter the Data Dictionary

Please be advised: The Standard Financial Reports Library is currently being redesigned to address performance and data accuracy issues. Related Data Dictionary content will be updated to reflect these changes beginning in early December.

Data Dictionary Introduction:
The Data Dictionary is your one-stop source for detailed information about the reports and the underlying data that has been made available in the University’s Data Warehouse for financial and human resource reporting purposes. The Data Dictionary is also the source for the "architectural structure" of the reporting environments, i.e. views, objects, tables.      

Why do we need a Data Dictionary?:
The University has an abundance of information that is available in the Data Warehouse for you to report on.  However, in the absence of intimate knowledge of the data or a person to guide you through, it can sometimes be challenging to find the exact piece of information you are looking for.  The Data Dictionary was developed to capture this knowledge and make it available to the entire Financial and HR reporting community so that the University’s investment in technology can be fully leveraged.

How does it work?:
You can search the Data Dictionary by a Business Area such as “Payroll” or “Accounts Payable”, by business terms such as “Encumbrances” or by a specific report.  When you choose a Business Area, Report Name/Title or Business Term, the Data Dictionary will return all of the data objects that are associated with the search criteria as well as a description of that data object and information on how you would use that data object to report on.  You will be able to select any data fieldand view a detailed description for that data field as well as an example of that data field.