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FIN 202: Understanding Unrelated Business Income Tax (Online)

This 15 minute course focuses on Unrelated Business Income, or UBI, and why it is important that the University reports this income accurately. The activities that generate UBI, including a 3 part UBI test to help determine if any of your income-producing activities generate UBI; The types of activities that are exceptions to the UBI rules, with an example of each; And common University activities that require interpretation to determine whether or not they will generate UBI, including an example of each. After completing this course you can download a pdf reference guide that includes all the information in this tutorial, plus additional examples of common University activities that may generate Unrelated Business Income.

For: University Fiscal Officers, their designees, and all employees who are responsible for their departmentís financial activities
Format: NYUiLearn Flash eLearning course (requires Flash Player version 10 or higher)
Instructor: online