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FIN 226: NYU myTime for Human Resources Officers

This tutorial is for Human Resources Officers who are new to New York University. It can also be used as a reference guide for all HROs, NYU myTime Approvers and their designees regarding NYU myTime Roles and New York University Payroll department processes.

It is suggested that new HROs first complete all courses recommended by HR and their School or Unit before viewing this course. Financial Operations and Treasury recommends the following courses:

  • FIN 107: Introduction to the NYU Administrative Systems
  • FIN 108: Chart of Accounts (WSQ) is a general overview of New York University’s Chart of Accounts.
  • FIN 220 – 225 are the myTime Users’ Guide for employees.

Course duration: Approximately 30 minutes

For: Human Resources Officers, NYU myTime Approvers, assigned designees
Format: NYUiLearn Flash eLearning course (requires Flash Player version 10 or higher)
Instructor: online

NYU myTime website