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FIN 201: All About the NYU Effort Reporting System or ERS (Online)

This tutorial is a step–by–step review of the effort certification process using NYU's Effort Reporting System (ERS). It will cover the following scenarios: changing certifier assignments, pre-review of the effort form, certification by Principal Investigator, certification by faculty, post-review, reporting, and view/read-only pre-review.

Who should take this course: Anyone who is required to report time and effort on sponsored programs using ERS who would like step-by-step instructions on using ERS.

This course is available through NYUiLearn. Access iLearn from the Work tab on NYUHome at

To take this course, users need headphones, speakers, or to enable closed captioning.
Flash Player version 10 or higher is also required.
Course Duration: 30 minutes.