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NYU | Financial Operations & Treasury | Controller's Division | Financial Information Systems
Financial Information Systems

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105 East 17th Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10003
P. 212-998-1111| Option #1
F. 212-443-0732
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The Financial Systems Management (FSM) department within Financial Operations & Treasury manages the functional operations of the University’s core financial system, fame (Financial Accounting Made Easier), as well as other related financial systems and interfaces used to maintain the financial records of the University. It also provides access control for these systems and assists campus units with operational use of fame and other system related issues. FSM assists units on a variety of financial functions and operations including:

  • Access to, security of, and interface with fame, JEMS and financial reporting.
  • Frontline systems user support via the Support Center (Includes obtaining access to reporting tools & Chartfield Security).
  • Development and implementation of financial system enhancements.
  • Management of subsidiary financial system applications (i.e., Payment Imaging Reporting System, Accounts Payable Payment Request System.)
  • Onsite and remote workstation support services.
  • System budget control operations and reporting.