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FIS Operations

Dacosta, Wilfred

Network Services Analyst
Tel. (212)998-2904

Elmo, Thomas A.

Senior Director, Financial Systems Management
Tel. (212)998-2883

Feliciano, Eugene

Network Manager
Tel. (212)998-2763
Network Operations Management

George, Deinabo Dabibi

Sr PC/User Support
Tel. (212)998-1464

Ginsberg, Brian

Man/Network Administrator
Tel. (212)998-2975

Harris, Iris Felice

Director, FIS-OPS
Tel. (212)998-1461

Moore, Andrie

User Support Specialist
Tel. (212)998-1462

Ngo, Therese

Help Desk Analyst
Tel. (212)998-1466

Parham, Vincent

Help Desk Analyst
Tel. (212)998-2943

Steiger, Evelyn

Project/Administrative Asst
Tel. (212)998-1477