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Roles & Responsibilities

Administrative Initiators

Individuals authorized to prepare requests for reimbursements or advances on behalf of another individual, or a list of individuals, assume the role of the Administrative Initiator.

The Administrative Initiator role is defined by the Path Administrator.

Requests submitted by an Administrative Initiator are first routed to the individual for whom the request is being made for review--to confirm that it is complete, accurate, and valid--and then the request goes to the appropriate Approver(s).

Administrative Initiators, like Initiators, are responsible for ensuring that:

  • expenses comply with the University's Business Expenses Policy;
  • expenses are supported by appropriate documentation;
  • chartfields are correct;
  • federal "unallowable costs" are segregated and charged to appropriate NYU accounts; and,
  • expenses will not be re-submitted for reimbursement from another source.